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Brain of Morbius


South London's hardest live band preview their new material at a small venue in Deptford - or should that be West Greenwich?- on Sunday 9th March 2003. The combination of the dynamic rhythmn section of Gwynne (bass) and Dave Aylward on drums, with the range of sound pumped out of Elwell's keyboards are the perfect backdrop to the surreal antics and sharp lyrical takes on modern life of singer Bones.

Their music defies any definition; and although drawing on many sources, from music hall to punk it never becomes the post-modernist" bit of this and bit of that" pudding stone replicate. In fact, it perhaps reflects the complexities of working-class life in South London, with its scepticism, humour and unwillingness to take the bullshit, more than all the episodes of 'Fools and Horses' strung together.

They have just returned from one of their many tours of Europe where they have a large following, from Holland to Hungary . . . and the many countries in between who have experienced the strange, enthralling experience of the Brain of Morbius.







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