Fisheye Visual Productions




FISHEYE PRODUCTIONS are a visual production company whose work spans AV slide shows, featuring computer generated pictures of original and sampled photography, and who also make films and videos. The last - A Letter to President Clinton , was premiered at the Cuban Film Festival in 1998 by fiba magazine. Work with the Three Key Sound included that film (for which we provided the title music).

3KS also collaborated with Fisheye on Memories of the Future (an AV show financed by the City Challenge Trust) about the regeneration of a South London estate in New Cross previously known as Crack City, and Visionquest, a Hopi Indian poem read by author George C. Andrews; produced as an AV show and a video. Fisheye also produced the first 3KS video Bad Boy Style in 1995.

FISHEYE also did a lot of the early photos you can see on the websites and produced a stunning visual show at the 3KS live gigs - check the film of the Woolwich Tramshed New Year gig,1998. Although the quality is low you can check a rough take on the show with 3KS. It was filmed by some drunk people, we think - sadly, Fisheye were too busy that night doing the visuals to deal with stray fire-eaters or filming, so we had to retrieve the footage from the wilds of Woolwich, and chop something together . .

We hope to be showing you some of the movie work we did with Fisheye, including film of the original light show in the near future . . .

One of the partners in Fisheye is currently with fiba (film bank) magazine.

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