Three Key Sound Recent News - Jan 2003

December 2002 News

K, Singer with the Balloons, RIP


We have no gigs lined up at present, but we will still be publicising local events of interest on this website. One of the few events worth going to in South East London at present are the nights (usually Friday 8-11) upstairs at The Centurion of experimental music. The pub is situated on the corner of Deptford Broadway and Deptford High Street - near the anchor.

The year ended with a screening of the editor of fiba magazine George P.Solomos (a.k.a. Themistocles Hoetis) film 'Echo in the Village', made in Cappadocia, Italy in 1962, along with various other pieces of experimental music at the Centurion, Deptford. This was accompanied by a group including drums (Dave Aylward), sax, electronics(Tom Scott) and a hurdy-gurdy player, a duo which included Paul Hood, and a recording of the 2000 Solar Eclipse.

Details of the LMC Radio station (radio resonance, 104.4 FM) and broadcasts by Paul Hood (featured below) and other musicians from South London's experimental / improvised music scene can be found here.

Pictures of our singer, Tony Hippolyte, during recent sessions.







Died January 2003. Pictures from his last gig with The Balloons, December 2002. The date of his funeral and commemorative event to be announced soon.



Dave Swift ; Bass, Chris Proud; Gtr, Rick;Drums, Ian; bass and K on vocals and guitar


Experimental Vibes at The Trafalgar in Greenwich in December 2002

Finn Peters, Sax. Dave Price, Percussion. Stu Ritchie, Drums. Rob Malarkey, Bass.
Chris 'Johnny Astro' Johnson, Keyboards

all photos copyright SJSomerset

Three Key Sound

Our CD's "Unlocked" and "Downtown Dread" are available from the site along with 5 free tracks which can be downloaded as MP3's. We also have our own MP3 files attached to this site, as examples of our unreleased music for free downloading. We will also be providing further details as to how you can purchase our records The Three Key Sound do not restrict themselves to playing out, as bands or DJ's, but are involved in other aspects of the cultural warzone. We recently contributed the music to a short film of Alice Walker author of The Colour Purple, giving a talk at Lewisham Theatre. The film, Letter to President Clinton, made by Fisheye Films, was premiered at the Cuban Film Festival; along with another film of a interview given by Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal. Mumia is on Death Row in a State Penitentiary in the USA, where he has been awaiting execution for the alleged murder of a police officer.
In 1999, we completed a piece (with Geezer) for a dance company called SCOPIC, which was premiered on the first night of the Leicester Festival, and performed at The Place, Euston. It will soon be available on our forthcoming techno compilation CD, and featuring Chris Johnson of Johnny Astro on two tracks. Another track will be a never released Geezer track, a remix of the Three Key Sound classic, Dadawas. . . .