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Outlawing civil dissent under Obama & the Patriot Act

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

A couple of reminders about the truth behind the empty rhetoric of Obama on his grandstanding trip to Eire and Britain.

Firstly, an article from the magazine Counterpunch, which provides an overview of the (at least ) 2,600  arrests of activists protesting in the US since Obama’s inauguration.

These arrests have been for a whole spectrum of causes, including;

. . . . people protesting US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Guantanamo, strip mining, home foreclosures, nuclear weapons, immigration policies, police brutality, mistreatment of hotel workers, budget cutbacks, Blackwater, the mistreatment of Bradley Manning, and right wing efforts to cut back collective bargaining.

Examples include;

February 15, 2011.  A former CIA agent turned whistleblower was arrested and battered by police for standing silently and turning his back during a speech on the need for human rights in Egypt delivered by the US Secretary of State.   Veterans for Peace.

April 24, 2011. Sixteen protestors against nuclear weapons at the Nevada National Security Site were arrested after a sixty mile sacred walk from Las Vegas.  Nevada Desert Experience.  Pace e Bene.

July 6, 2010.  Seventy eight people protesting against police brutality in Oakland California and the trial involving a shooting by a BART police office.

March 4, 2009, nine people seeking to present a letter to CEO of Alliant Technologies outlining how weapons manufacturers were prosecuted as war criminals at the end of WWII were arrested in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  Alliant Action.


Patriot Act poster

Another article in a Veterans Today article, posted by Susan Lindauer, who describes herself as;

the second non-Arab American ever indicted on the Patriot Act

is a comprehensive insight into the workings of the US secret state, and how it will persecute even its own, without any semblance of the ‘natural justice’ trumpeted as a democratic human right for everyone else by the US Government.

She goes on to describe the work that she had carried out for the US Government over the years ;

I had worked in anti-terrorism for almost a decade, covering Iraq and Libya, Yemen, Egypt and Malaysia at the United Nations. At the instruction of my CIA handler, I had delivered advance warnings about the 9/11 attack to the private staff of Attorney General John Ashcroft and the Office of Counter-Terrorism in August, 2001. FBI wire taps prove that I carried details of a comprehensive peace framework with Iraq up and down the hallowed corridors of Capitol Hill for months before the invasion, arguing that War was totally unnecessary.

She continues;

I delivered those papers to Democrats and Republicans alike; to my own second cousin, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card; and to Secretary of State Colin Powell, who lived next door to my CIA handler. Gratis of the Patriot Act, we had the manila envelope and my hand written notes to Secretary Powell, dated a week before his infamous speech at the United Nations. My papers argued that no WMDs would be found inside Iraq, and that the peace framework could achieve all U.S. objectives without firing a shot.

She then  describes how she did what she describes as ‘the unthinkable’ . . .

I phoned the offices of Senator Trent Lott and Senator John McCain, requesting to testify before a brand new, blue ribbon Commission investigating Pre-War Intelligence. Proud and confident of my efforts, I had no idea Congress was planning to blame “bad intelligence” for the unpopular War.  Over night I became Public Enemy Number One on Capitol Hill . . . . Thirty days later I awoke to hear FBI agents pounding on my door. My nightmare on the Patriot Act lasted 5 years . . .

She describes how the Patriot Act grants prosecutors and police extraordinary powers of the sort that Kafka predicted in The Trial – ‘warrantless searches and FBI tracking surveillance’. She describes her time as a ‘suspect’ ;

Throughout five years of indictment, my attorneys and I never got to read a single FBI interview or grand jury statement. Under the Patriot Act, the whistleblower/defendant has no right to know who has accused him or her of what criminal activities, or the dates of the alleged offenses, or what laws got broken.

The interest in her was no doubt because of her contacts, and the sinister truths which started to emerge in the post-9/11 USA;

I knew that “sometime in October, 2001″ an Iraqi diplomat gave me the English translation of a book on depleted uranium, which showed how cancer rates and birth defects had spiked in Iraqi children. And I was quite certain that on October 14, 1999, an Iraqi diplomat asked me how to channel major financial contributions to the Presidential Campaign of George Bush and Dick Cheney.

Her reward for being an honest agent, and one obviously with some sort of ethical sensibility was being ;

. . . thrown in prison on a Texas military base without so much as a hearing—and threatened with indefinite detention and forcible drugging, to boot.

So next time you see someone standing at a podium with the Great Seal of the USA on the front, you can be assured that what they are saying will probably have no resemblance to the political reality of the lives of their own citizens . . .

Helicopter mystery in death of Dr David Kelly

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


Steve Bell's take on the Death of Dr David Kelly

A report in The Morning Star on Sunday 15 May 2011
has raised new questions about the death of Dr David Kelly;

Police refused to be drawn on reports today that a helicopter mysteriously landed at the scene of weapons expert Dr David Kelly’s death shortly after his body was discovered. Details released under the Freedom of Information Act reportedly disclose that the aircraft stayed on the ground for five minutes before leaving.

According to its flight log, the helicopter, said to have been hired by Thames Valley Police, landed at Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire at 10.55am on July 18 2003 – 90 minutes after Dr Kelly’s body was found by search teams.

The purpose of the flight and who was on board have not been established because details of the flight log have been heavily redacted, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

This is a story that will be continued . . .

Postscript from Wikipedia; Although he was never a member of the intelligence services, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) regularly sought out his opinion on Iraq and other issues. David Kelly became a member of the Bahá’í Faith around 1999. He was introduced to this faith by Mai Pederson, a US military linguist and intelligence operative.

Here’s the David Kelly blogsite . . .

NATO strike takes out Libyan religious convention for peace

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

As splits start appearing in the British Parliamentary consensus over the continual war of degradation against Libyan forces and facilities, disturbing news is starting to emerge about the NATO attack on a compound which was housing religious leaders.

In an article published in webzine Counterpunch (by Thomas C. Mountain ) it is claimed that evidence is starting to point towards a deliberate strike by NATO forces on a religious convention which was being  held as near to the frontline between the Tripoli Government and rebel forces in Benghazi as possible. Its aim was to produce  a ceasefire or peace deal that could be brokered by the participants between Government and insurgent forces.

A Government press conference attended by Libyan religious leaders, mainly Muslim – but including both Orthodox and Catholic representatives – claimed that;

Early during the evening of Friday, May 13, NATO forces bombed the conference site, killing at least ten and hospitalizing over 40 Imams.

NATO confirmed attacking Brega – a town chosen because of it’s location near both the frontlines – that evening, but claimed it struck a “command and control center”.

The Libyan Government responded by producing co-ordinates and documents showing that it was a hospitality centre for the oil industry.

Despite the fact that two of the Imams drove from the ruined centre, through the night to Tripoli to appear at the press conference and confirm the Libyan Government’s story; it received hardly any coverage in the Wetern media.

Nor did the denial issued by the Catholic Bishop of Tripoli that he was the ‘source’ for the story propagated by an Italian Minister, who claimed that Muammar Gaddafi had been wounded in a previous bombing of Tripoli.

The biggest news strategically is that ;

Libyan government forces, on some accounts, have also regained control of the water pipeline known as the Great Man Made River (GMMR) which supplies Benghazi and its surroundings with almost all of its water from the Nubian aquifer in southern Libya. If the Libyan government is able to cut the water flow from the GMMR to Benghazi it will leave the rebels in the east with only a single reservoir in the town of Ajdabiya to use, which is estimated to only have a one month supply of the amount of water Benghazi needs.

This perhaps explains why the French are encouraging their British allies to commit their share of a fleet of attack helicopters to the war – a move that the French Minister claimed had been agreed by the British Government; although this was denied after various MP’s from all sides raised the issue of ‘mission creep’ and concerns that the NATO Governments are acting outside the legal limits laid down by the UN Resolution.

Mullivaikal – Tamils’ 2nd Anniversary Demonstration

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Mullivaikal 2011 Tamils

Mullivaikal 2011

Wednesday, 18 May 2011– TIME: 6pm-8:30pm @ Trafalgar SquareWear Black Attire

The Tamils, like the Kurdish people, are spread across many of the nation states that were drawn up in the last century. [An interesting history of the different peoples of Sri Lanka can be found here]

Sri Lanka’s first aborigines with continuous lineage are the Tamil people. It is not precisely known when they came to the island, but perhaps as many as 5000 years ago. Tamils were also known as proto-Elamites or Ela. These people in Sri Lanka call themselves Eelam Tamils, meaning “earthly people”. Tamils speak a Dravidian language, which has no ties to other language families. It was, perhaps, associated with Scythians and Urals. The Dravidian language and Tamils originated, perhaps, from Sumer and Ur: the “cradle of the first civilization”, now Iran. The Sumer and Tamils formed the first language of proto-grams on clay tablets. Tamil inscriptions and literature are at least 2500 years old. Today, 100 to 200 million people speak Tamil.

The Christian Bible refers to Elam as “maritime nations in various lands, each with a separate language”.  In the myth of Noahs Ark, Elam was thought to be a descendant of one of Noah’s three sons on the ark.  Tamils were the first to use the wheel for transportation. They traveled to India and the island Sri Lanka, which had been connected to India. The first known manuscripts in India were written in Tamil. Other Tamils inscriptions have been found in Egypt and Thailand.

As many as 40,000 civilians may have perished in the last phase of the Sri Lankan Army’s offensive against the insurgent Tamil Tigers, with government forces blamed for “large-scale and widespread shelling,” according to a new report from a UN panel established by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The genocide in Sri Lanka two years ago was carried out with impunity by the Sri Lankan Army [the SLA]; a good indicator that they had better friends at ‘the top table’ than the Libyan Colonel for instance.

For a lively discussion of what was in the UN report, try here ; the Sri Lankan Government have been stonewalling and delaying any action on the UN report, which details a series of war crimes by their forces [whilst also naming the Tamil Tigers as guilty of serious, though lesser abuses].

For some reason, in this case, the West decided that it would be best to pursue ‘constructive dialogue’ with a Government massacring its own civilians.

This demonstration is reminding the rest of the world that the Tamil people cannot forget what happened two years ago; and that the struggle for their human rights continues . . .


OBL, Gaddafi, Wikileaks and targeted assassinations.

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

An interesting analysis of the half-lies and deceptions surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden can be found in an article in Counterpunch by the famed journalist Alexander Cockburn. After deconstructing the contradictory streams of misinformation that flowed from the US Government in the days after the assassination, Cockburn analyses the sequence of events that led to the operation being scheduled at that time.

His conclusions are that ;

  • the USA and Pakistan had been aware of the compound for years

In fact, specific knowledge by US intelligence of the compound and its likely possible prime denizen goes back to 2005.

He writes;

The three-storey house has been a well-known feature of Abbottabad. Shaukat Qadir, a well-connected Pakistan Army officer, reported to CounterPunch from Pakistan: “For the record, this house has been under ISI surveillance while it was under construction. It was first raided in 2003, and the ISI just missed capturing al-Libi (he was later captured by the ISI close to Mardan in K-P Province). It has been raided on numerous occasions since.”

  • OBL was killed as a result of ‘entrapment’

Cockburn quotes Shaukut Qadir;

“The house where Osama had sought refuge belonged to two brothers from Mardan (a Pashtun dominated region of K-P) . . .  neither one has been identified among the dead. If Osama was followed to this house by constant tracking of his courier who, according to CIA reports, shouldn’t one, if not both brothers . . . have been present . . .? But they weren’t. Of the seven bodies left behind (a female, a child and five men of ages ranging from mid-twenties to mid-thirties), none have been identified as being either brother…. “ Inference: “Osama was sold out. The operation was the result of entrapment. An entrapment organized through one or more of his most trusted aides…”

  • The operation was carried out to pre-empt a Wikileaks release of unredacted intelligence that had been gained through torture at Guantánamo Bay Concentration Camp.

The raid was organised because information about the capture and torture of the aide who revealed the whereabouts of the compound was about to be revealed through the parallel releases of Wikileaks information. One version of the files were being put out in the Guardian and New York Times; they had received / bought them from an ex-Wikileaks employee and in this narrative, allowed the security services to redact any names or information deemed ‘unacceptable’ to be in the public domain. A comparison to the Wikileaks’ unredacted release of the same files immediately reveals the names that they had been most anxious to hide.

As Cockburn continues;

We can conclude, from this narrative, that when the unredacted WikiLeaks files surfaced, US intelligence concluded that Osama’s associates would soon figure out that the Americans had made the appropriate connections and conjectures and there the associates urged him to move on with all due haste. So Obama decided to send in the Seals.

Cockburn then suggests that targeted assassination has become both an accepted military aim and a political tool.

He points to the attack in Libya on April 30th;

Saturday, April 30 was reserved for the attempted assassination of Colonel Gaddafi, with the dropping of precision-guided bombs on the house of his son Saif, who died along with three grandchildren. Saif, then four, was in the Gaddafi family compound on April 15, 1986 when bombs ordered up by Ronald Reagan were dropped from F-111s, killing his 15-month old sister, adopted by Gaddafi 11 months earlier.  Thus have Reagan and Obama shared a target. ‘Decapitation’ – going for the enemy’s top guy – is now standard Nato strategy.

Would Obama have been briefed on the plan, or have signed off on a program of targeted assassination of Gaddafi? It seems a sure thing.

And as Cockburn concludes;

But Gaddafi survived. So Obama only had one bloodied feather in his cap when he gave one of the most morally repellent speeches I have ever heard delivered from the White House. Bush at least had the crude brio of a semi-literate jock when he vaunted America’s prowess. Obama’s “we nailed him” paragraphs of mendacity concluded with Dickensian Heepishness: “Tonight we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history.”

To which we can add – yup! and the end of just about everyone else’s . . .

Operation Southern Mistral – the war on Libya

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

RAF banner for Operation Southern Mistral

The attack on Libya coincidentally took place at exactly the same time that a war game run by the French and British within NATO was about to take place.

An article by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky details the way that the humanitarian pretext for a war justified a well-planned attack on Libya.

On November 02 2010, more than four months prior to the onset of Operation Odyssey Dawn, France and the UK announced the conduct of war games under Operation “SOUTHERN MISTRAL 2011” against “AN IMAGINARY COUNTRY’ called “SOUTHLAND”, living under a “DICTATORSHIP”  which allegedly “was responsible for an attack against France’s national interests”.

The Franco-British (humanitarian) air operation against “SOUTHLAND” was to be carried out pursuant to an IMAGINARY “UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION NO: 3003”.

The war games were scheduled to start on March 21, 2011. THESE FRANCO-BRITISH WAR GAMES  NEVER TOOK PLACE. OPERATION “SOUTHERN MISTRAL” WENT LIVE ON MARCH 19, 2011 (two days prior to the scheduled date).

Below is the exact quote and colors from the Franco-British war games website which is hosted by France’s Air Force:

SOUTHLAND : Dictatorship responsible for an attack against France’s national interests.

FRANCE : Makes the decision to show its determination to SOUTHLAND (under United Nations Security council resolution n°3003).

UNITED-KINGDOM : Allied country as determined in the bilateral agreement. The United Kingdom supports France through the deployment of its air assets.” (Commandement de la défense aérienne et des opérations aériennes,  Southern Mistral 2011:  Scenario)

Map of the area covered in Operation southern Mistral

Dennis Kucinich asks why President Obama Had Time to Consult with International Community, Not Congress?

On March 29th Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) sent a letter to Congress asking them to withold funds for a war being waged under false pretences.

The war on dissent goes up another gear . . .

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

The Royal Wedding has come and – thankfully – gone; the way of most Disneyesque events promoted by the British Establishment.
It was preceeded by a wave of surveillance-led arrests which proved that even if the UK’s secret state didn’t apparently manage to stop 7/7 or catch up with the mysterious Martin McDaid [see below], its still pretty good at arresting a few squatters and performance artists.
Our friends at the Ratstar squat in Camberwell, who have been living peacefully in an abandoned building for a long time with the knowledge of the local plod, were all given a tug on the day before the Pantomime and charged with pinching electricity [if they were paying industrial supply rates, they’d probably cover the years supply with a fiver].
At least four other squats were raided on the same day – another in Camberwell, South East London, and three in Hackney.

The lack of any sort of any legitimate rationale was apparent when the police rounded up the few anarchists and dissidents who dared go anywhere near the Pantomime venue;

The action against the 10 or so people participating in the Right Royal Orgy in Soho Square was one of several pre-emptive strikes by Scotland Yard. Police said they made a total of 52 arrests including 13 at Charing Cross station, where people were found to have climbing equipment and anti-monarchy placards, in addition to 21 arrests during raids of five squats in London on Thursday morning.

Well done, police ! Public money well spent !

And you wonder why 90% of the population sees them at best as a bunch of doughnut-munching wasters, and at worst as an occupying force on the nation’s streets.
Another hilarious sign of how far we have travelled down the road of thought-fascism [the predecessor to ‘a boot stamping endlessly on a human face’] was the arrest – in front of TV cameras – of well-known Lewisham activist, Professor Chris Knight, author of books on anthropology and a performance artist in the Situationist mode.
All very entertaining, but as the sickly-sweet confetti starts turning to bitter ashes in the mouths of the famished masses, it’s worth reflecting on how this sort of State behaviour can be justified; and what it means for the future.
A week or so later, and we see articles appearing about the Metropolitan Police’s purchase of a software system that tracks people through social media; building up a picture of their movements, predictabilities, social contacts and attitudes.

Geotime, a security programme used by the US military, which shows an individual’s movements and communications with other people on a three-dimensional graphic. It can be used to collate information gathered from social networking sites, satellite navigation equipment, mobile phones, financial transactions and IP network logs.

from the Guardian

Here we have a tool which the Stasi would have been proud to possess – although not even in their wildest dreams would they have imagined such a nefarious capability.
For like most of these systems, it’s backwards- programmable; not only can you track, and build 3-D profiles of suspects, but you can also set a number of ‘filters’ and search terms and come up with a list of names.

Names of innocent people whose ‘profiles’ have turned them into suspects. And so we start sliding ever faster down the slippery slope into the mass graves and forced adoptions of the sort of regimes that people like the Francoists ran in Spain until the 1970’s.

A spokesman for the Met confirmed that Geotime had been paid for, and said several possible uses for it were being assessed, including as a tool in “telephone investigations”.
He declined to clarify what a telephone investigation might be or how much the software cost. Neither could he comment on whether the software might be used during investigations into public order offences in the future.

from the Guardian again

Apart from the animal rights activists, UK Uncut and other dissident groups, we will no doubt see this capability used increasingly against those uppity Scots. They haven’t only signalled that they are preparing for independence within 5 years, but also that they  would prefer a democratic republic rather than the mock-feudal oligarchy currently prevailing in the so-called United Kingdom.

The wealthy landowners who make up the English aristocracy will not want to see their vast huntin’ & shootin’  estates being confiscated by a social democratic Republic, led by someone who never went near Eton.

We know from the experience of Colin Wallace and the dirty tricks (aka Black Propaganda) department of the British state security services in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s, that they will stoop to any underhand methods to maintain the status quo.

Watch out, here come the dirty tricks . . . After AV they’ll be thinking of offering the turkeys a referendum on Christmas, but the canny Scots might not be so easy to fool . . . although it’s worth remembering the destruction of the Scottish Socialist Party and the demolition of Tommy Sheridan; who was responsible and who did the ‘dirty work’ . . .

The missing links in the 7/7 post-mortem

Friday, May 6th, 2011

A BBC still of Martin McDaid

Investigation by BBC’s Newsnight on May 5th mentioned here about 20;45 in .

An interesting article about the role of an ex-SBS soldier – a ‘recent convert to Islam’ before the 7/7 attacks in London can be found here;

The case was featured on BBC2’s Newsnight last night, with testimony from people who met him in Beeston, Leeds busily radicalising Muslims and attempting to convert youths to the idea of jihad.
Then he ‘disappeared’ . . .

From ;

Mohammed Junaid Babar – an FBI/CIA asset; ‘Q’ – an MI5 asset, and Martin ‘Abdullah’ McDaid, an ex-Special Boat Service anti-terrorist operative and ‘convert’ to Islam that MI5 were happy to tip off The Times about, all just one step removed from those accused of perpetrating the attacks of 7 July 2005… well, figure it out for yourself. When considering the information above, it is worth bearing in mind that the Secret Services honed their modus operandi in the 6 counties of Eire. It is now known that many in the Provisional IRA leadership were in fact British agents. A previous Special Boat Service operative (the SBS being an elite regiment of 250 of the Queen’s finest, in the same mode as the SAS) was John Joe Magee – the IRA’s ‘Angel of Death’.

Also, a very good update on Indymedia of this and related matters;

And more information here and here

We will add more to this story as it develops . . .

Can you believe it ?

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Benazir Bhutto named Osama bin Laden’s killer before her death

Rogue Nations and their ‘rule of law’

Thursday, May 5th, 2011
Geronimo - A freedom fighter

Geronimo - American freedom fighter

The circus comes to town;

the Obama administration insisted the killing of Bin Laden was legal and not an execution, while human rights groups and international lawyers pressed the White House for more details of the mission.
Eric Holder, the US attorney-general, said the killing was justified and that had Bin Laden attempted to surrender, the US forces would have taken him alive.

Meanwhile a senior Pakistani intelligence official told the Guardian that members of the Bin Laden family were being held in custody in Pakistan, including his Yemeni-born wife, Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, and his 12-year-old daughter, who allegedly claimed her father had been shot in cold-blood in front of her.
The official did not confirm a report by al-Arabiya news that the daughter is claiming her father had been held first and then shot.

George Little, a CIA spokesman, denied Bin Laden had been held by US forces before being shot. “There is no indication that Bin Laden was somehow captured and later killed inside the compound. It would be wrong to suggest otherwise.”

Questions about the legality of the killing have grown after the White House backtracked on Tuesday on its initial account of the mission, admitting that Bin Laden had not been armed.

The White House spokesman, Jay Carney, refused to provide further details about the shooting in Abbottabad. The Obama administration has been forced on the defensive after offering conflicting accounts of what happened. Asked on Wednesday whether the team that killed Bin Laden had come under fire, Carney said the White House had gone to the limit in providing details and that any more would risk future operations. “I am not going to get into operational details,” he said.

Carney, asked about the legality of the killing, read from a statement, saying it was consistent with the laws of war and that if Bin Laden had surrendered, he would have been taken alive.

Holder, giving evidence to the Senate armed services committee, said it had not been a kill mission but “a kill or capture” mission. “If he had surrendered, attempted to surrender, I think we should obviously have accepted that, but there was no indication that he wanted to do that and therefore his killing was appropriate,” Holder said.

The attorney-general said Bin Laden had no intention of being captured. “Let me make something very clear, the operation in which Osama bin Laden was killed was lawful. He was the head of al-Qaida, an organisation that had conducted the attacks of September 11. He admitted his involvement,” Holder said.

Andrea Prasow, a Washington-based spokeswoman for Human Rights Watch, said: “Our position is that we do not have enough information to determine whether the killing of Bin Laden was lawful. We hope the US government will provide a more detailed accounting of what happened so we can understand if it was in fact lawful under either international humanitarian law – the so-called law of war – or under human rights law.”

Philippe Sands, a University College London professor currently writing a book on the making of modern international law, said much would depend on the exact circumstances of Bin Laden’s death. “If no one else was around, if they had him in a room unarmed and the building was covered, then it looks pretty bad,” Sands said . . . Benjamin Ferencz, an American lawyer who was a US prosecutor at the Nuremburg trials and who lives in New York state, asked whether the killing was justifiable self-defence or premeditated illegal assassination. He would have preferred he had been captured and put on trial.
Ferencz, 92, said : “The picture I get is that a bunch of highly trained, heavily armed soldiers find an old guy in pyjamas and shot him in the chest and head and that borders, without access to more facts, on murder.” He added: “Even [the head of the Luftwaffe Hermann] Göring had a right to trial.”

from The Guardian 4th May 2011

And if you think anything has changed in the last century, except a worldwide expansion of the Wild West, and its disregard for the rule of law and other nations’ territorial integrity and human rights;

4.52pm ET:

After the US special forces gave Osama bin Laden the nickname Geronimo, the native American leader’s tribe is asking for an apology from the White House.

In a letter to President Obama, Jeff Houser, chairman of the Fort Sill Apache tribe, descendents of Geronimo’s Chiricahua Apache Tribe, writes:

We are grateful that the United States was successful in its mission against Bin Laden, but associating Geronimo’s name with an international terrorist only perpetuates old stereotypes about Apaches.

In the 1800’s Geronimo and the Chiricahua Apache people were portrayed as savages. This portrayal was used as justification for the forced removal from their homelands and their subsequent imprisonment. Linking Geronimo’s name to an infamous terrorist only reinforces this false and defamatory stereotype.

[see here]

And let us not forget, the USA’s oppression of the original North Americans continues – unremarked in the press, and ignored in the slavish rush to prostrate economies and societies before the great war machine.

Leonard Peltier - another American hero - in prison for life

Leonard Peltier - another American hero - in prison for life

Check here and here . . . and for a good summary of the role of the FBI in maintaining a state that actually makes the legendary Soviet Union a model of polite restraint, check this page here . . .

The association of Geronimo’s name to Osama bin Laden is yet another degrading slap in the face to American Indians from another president and our federal government who waged an “unnecessary holocaust war” against American Indians in the forming of the America we have today. True American history shows Indians were never an enemy of this country. American Indians had every right to stand up for their true home land, way of life, freedom, civil liberties and right to self govern.

You can sign a petition for apology to Obama here