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Welcome to the fantompowa blog.

We have been online with Flame since 1998, which seems like time before time  now; before the War of Terror, imperiums disseminating disorder and chaos, the collapse of currencies and the radiation of Japan.

Since then we have had thousands of emails from our readers and with this blog we aim to give some of our correspondents the chance of contributing to the commentary.

We are aware that some readers might not like our points of view; we would never claim to represent anyone but ourselves.
That is why, despite getting over 35,000 hits on our sites each month, we have never accepted advertising or commercial linking.

In a world where everything is given a price, the freedom of thought is the last frontier; the only way in which we are still able to be ourselves, unmoderated, uncontrolled.

We will discuss issues that have been raised in Flame as well as revealing new stories and providing different perspectives on the labyrinth through which we are all led into like as if we were blind Prometheus’.
Before we leave this introduction, we would like to pay tribute to our late co-editor, Themistocles Hoetis aka George P Solomos; poet, publisher, filmaker and writer who was one of the great freethinkers of the 20th century.

It was he who encouraged us to pitch into the discourse on the nascent internet and add our voices to the babble that now seems be like the white noise of a roaring river.

As the www is slowly brought under the reins of the thought police and swamped with commercial slime, we will aim to provide an intelligent alternative to the moderated infotainment and received opinions.

We welcome any comments that add to this debate.

Down the river of No Law . . .

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