NATO strike takes out Libyan religious convention for peace

As splits start appearing in the British Parliamentary consensus over the continual war of degradation against Libyan forces and facilities, disturbing news is starting to emerge about the NATO attack on a compound which was housing religious leaders.

In an article published in webzine Counterpunch (by Thomas C. Mountain ) it is claimed that evidence is starting to point towards a deliberate strike by NATO forces on a religious convention which was being  held as near to the frontline between the Tripoli Government and rebel forces in Benghazi as possible. Its aim was to produce  a ceasefire or peace deal that could be brokered by the participants between Government and insurgent forces.

A Government press conference attended by Libyan religious leaders, mainly Muslim – but including both Orthodox and Catholic representatives – claimed that;

Early during the evening of Friday, May 13, NATO forces bombed the conference site, killing at least ten and hospitalizing over 40 Imams.

NATO confirmed attacking Brega – a town chosen because of it’s location near both the frontlines – that evening, but claimed it struck a “command and control center”.

The Libyan Government responded by producing co-ordinates and documents showing that it was a hospitality centre for the oil industry.

Despite the fact that two of the Imams drove from the ruined centre, through the night to Tripoli to appear at the press conference and confirm the Libyan Government’s story; it received hardly any coverage in the Wetern media.

Nor did the denial issued by the Catholic Bishop of Tripoli that he was the ‘source’ for the story propagated by an Italian Minister, who claimed that Muammar Gaddafi had been wounded in a previous bombing of Tripoli.

The biggest news strategically is that ;

Libyan government forces, on some accounts, have also regained control of the water pipeline known as the Great Man Made River (GMMR) which supplies Benghazi and its surroundings with almost all of its water from the Nubian aquifer in southern Libya. If the Libyan government is able to cut the water flow from the GMMR to Benghazi it will leave the rebels in the east with only a single reservoir in the town of Ajdabiya to use, which is estimated to only have a one month supply of the amount of water Benghazi needs.

This perhaps explains why the French are encouraging their British allies to commit their share of a fleet of attack helicopters to the war – a move that the French Minister claimed had been agreed by the British Government; although this was denied after various MP’s from all sides raised the issue of ‘mission creep’ and concerns that the NATO Governments are acting outside the legal limits laid down by the UN Resolution.

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  1. Rutha Epps Says:

    We are from Berlin, Germany, and a lot of human beings here are actually embarrassed that Germany seriously isn’t struggling coupled with NATO in Libya. We wouldn’t comprehend the mindset of our own authorities. When it is about the military, Germany is solely preposterous.

  2. Tani Says:

    Libya: NATO and NATO-led rebels using starvation as weapon of war…. Nato raids hit gaddafi’s intelligence headquarters.

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