The missing links in the 7/7 post-mortem

A BBC still of Martin McDaid

Investigation by BBC’s Newsnight on May 5th mentioned here about 20;45 in .

An interesting article about the role of an ex-SBS soldier – a ‘recent convert to Islam’ before the 7/7 attacks in London can be found here;

The case was featured on BBC2’s Newsnight last night, with testimony from people who met him in Beeston, Leeds busily radicalising Muslims and attempting to convert youths to the idea of jihad.
Then he ‘disappeared’ . . .

From ;

Mohammed Junaid Babar – an FBI/CIA asset; ‘Q’ – an MI5 asset, and Martin ‘Abdullah’ McDaid, an ex-Special Boat Service anti-terrorist operative and ‘convert’ to Islam that MI5 were happy to tip off The Times about, all just one step removed from those accused of perpetrating the attacks of 7 July 2005… well, figure it out for yourself. When considering the information above, it is worth bearing in mind that the Secret Services honed their modus operandi in the 6 counties of Eire. It is now known that many in the Provisional IRA leadership were in fact British agents. A previous Special Boat Service operative (the SBS being an elite regiment of 250 of the Queen’s finest, in the same mode as the SAS) was John Joe Magee – the IRA’s ‘Angel of Death’.

Also, a very good update on Indymedia of this and related matters;

And more information here and here

We will add more to this story as it develops . . .

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