Schadenfreude – NewsCorp goodbye !

Rebekah Brooks leaves NotW earlier - NewsCorp on the run . . .

For those of us living in South East London, the scandal which could yet do for Murdoch’s NewsCorp empire and has led to the demise of the world’s biggest-selling English language newspaper is the culmination of a long, sordid story that has been running like a sceptic sore through the whole of British society for over 30 years.

Murdoch first came to public notice in the UK as the son of a millionaire newspaper magnate who acted as the shock force for the Thatcher Government’s assault on the unions in the early 1980’s, when he moved his titles to an automated plant at what became known as Fortress Wapping.

The plant had been set up and equipped secretly; with the aim of introducing automation to the extent that most of the printers would be left without jobs.

A strike developed into nightly battles outside the plant, with vast fleets of TNT lorries being escorted past the rioting crowds by armies of police. For Thatcher the benefits were twofold.

Murdoch could break the power of the print union – one of the workforces who had managed, since the Second World War to actually take a share in the vast profits of the capitalist class. Secondly, she was able to rely on Murdoch, who laughingly called himself a ‘libertarian’ but is in fact the worst sort of old monopolist capitalist. He duly provided support for the Conservatives until the public finally revolted after 18 years, and he quickly switched allegiance to the neo-con patsy Tony Blair.

And one for the memories ! Thatcher leaves No. 10

With the ‘death of the print’ came the slow decline of many inner city East End and South East London communities;  their pubs, old jazz bands, and local Labour [not Nu Labor] parties. After the death of the docks –  when dockers were replaced by containers and some guy in a crane – the death of ‘the print’ was the final straw. It also set the model for other industry post the ‘white heat of technology’ revolution proclaimed in the Wilson era; when workers, instead of working less and being paid more, would end up working more to produce more profit for less pay, with less rights than their parents.

If you were not prepared to accept the new debt-slavery, you would join the millions of other unemployed on the scrapheap that increasingly piled up at the base of the pyramid.

And meanwhile Rupert would steer his papers to clean up through a mix of scandal, bile and witch-burning bigotry  – thus obscuring even more the real social news of the country; in which the world he and his media helped create was becoming increasingly cruel, stupeified and unequal. Like the republicans in the USA – whose cause he has unfailingly promoted – he could make the poor vote for their own oppression, with a combination of ignorance, misdirection and tawdriness, reducing life to twitching net curtains, stained sheets and a trail of blood.

And that leads to the other untold tale of how the Murdoch Empire has corrupted the body of everyday society in the UK.

Daniel Morgan - still awaiting justice after 24 years

The story concerns a private eye [PI] in South-East London beheaded in the car park of a pub called the Golden Lion in Forest Hill, South East London on Tuesday 10 March 1987.

Involved in the plot – in a away that at least five police ‘investigations’ and two court cases have not been able to fully determine – are a sordid bunch of fellow PI’s and ex-policemen, who have been convicted of other crimes including drug running and framing a woman on a cocaine charge in a divorce case.

They were working for the News of the World when it was edited by Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s Director of Communications in 10 Downing Street; digging the dirt on anyone and everyone – and that’s all we know so far.

Rebekah Brooks, now Chief Executive of News International actually had the lead Detective investigating the murder followed and bugged whilst she was editor of the News of the World. She later told police that she thought he might have been having an affair with a fellow officer [who was, in fact, was obviously his wife].

Andy Coulson’s evidence at the Tommy Sheridan ‘trial’ is now also being called into question – which could lay him open to a charge of perjury and throw more doubts on the case against the Scottish socialist leader.

The corruption which was endemic in the London police in the 1980’s, especially the drug squads – and was hinted at in various inquiries into the Stephen Lawrence murder – and its effect on the street from then until the present day was in no short measure due to the pernicious, deceptive media of Murdoch. By making his papers so viscious and tacky but profitable – where you had no professional printers to pay, and no journalists because you’d replaced them with phone hackers, gossips, snitches and smut peddlers – he was slowly dragging all the others down into the same gutter.

It will be interesting to see how the dice fall now – these people built the gallows for enough – often innocent – people. It will be interesting to see how they fancy taking the long walk themselves now, as their masters scramble to distance themselves from their once so-loyal minions . . . .

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