The war on dissent goes up another gear . . .

The Royal Wedding has come and – thankfully – gone; the way of most Disneyesque events promoted by the British Establishment.
It was preceeded by a wave of surveillance-led arrests which proved that even if the UK’s secret state didn’t apparently manage to stop 7/7 or catch up with the mysterious Martin McDaid [see below], its still pretty good at arresting a few squatters and performance artists.
Our friends at the Ratstar squat in Camberwell, who have been living peacefully in an abandoned building for a long time with the knowledge of the local plod, were all given a tug on the day before the Pantomime and charged with pinching electricity [if they were paying industrial supply rates, they’d probably cover the years supply with a fiver].
At least four other squats were raided on the same day – another in Camberwell, South East London, and three in Hackney.

The lack of any sort of any legitimate rationale was apparent when the police rounded up the few anarchists and dissidents who dared go anywhere near the Pantomime venue;

The action against the 10 or so people participating in the Right Royal Orgy in Soho Square was one of several pre-emptive strikes by Scotland Yard. Police said they made a total of 52 arrests including 13 at Charing Cross station, where people were found to have climbing equipment and anti-monarchy placards, in addition to 21 arrests during raids of five squats in London on Thursday morning.

Well done, police ! Public money well spent !

And you wonder why 90% of the population sees them at best as a bunch of doughnut-munching wasters, and at worst as an occupying force on the nation’s streets.
Another hilarious sign of how far we have travelled down the road of thought-fascism [the predecessor to ‘a boot stamping endlessly on a human face’] was the arrest – in front of TV cameras – of well-known Lewisham activist, Professor Chris Knight, author of books on anthropology and a performance artist in the Situationist mode.
All very entertaining, but as the sickly-sweet confetti starts turning to bitter ashes in the mouths of the famished masses, it’s worth reflecting on how this sort of State behaviour can be justified; and what it means for the future.
A week or so later, and we see articles appearing about the Metropolitan Police’s purchase of a software system that tracks people through social media; building up a picture of their movements, predictabilities, social contacts and attitudes.

Geotime, a security programme used by the US military, which shows an individual’s movements and communications with other people on a three-dimensional graphic. It can be used to collate information gathered from social networking sites, satellite navigation equipment, mobile phones, financial transactions and IP network logs.

from the Guardian

Here we have a tool which the Stasi would have been proud to possess – although not even in their wildest dreams would they have imagined such a nefarious capability.
For like most of these systems, it’s backwards- programmable; not only can you track, and build 3-D profiles of suspects, but you can also set a number of ‘filters’ and search terms and come up with a list of names.

Names of innocent people whose ‘profiles’ have turned them into suspects. And so we start sliding ever faster down the slippery slope into the mass graves and forced adoptions of the sort of regimes that people like the Francoists ran in Spain until the 1970’s.

A spokesman for the Met confirmed that Geotime had been paid for, and said several possible uses for it were being assessed, including as a tool in “telephone investigations”.
He declined to clarify what a telephone investigation might be or how much the software cost. Neither could he comment on whether the software might be used during investigations into public order offences in the future.

from the Guardian again

Apart from the animal rights activists, UK Uncut and other dissident groups, we will no doubt see this capability used increasingly against those uppity Scots. They haven’t only signalled that they are preparing for independence within 5 years, but also that they¬† would prefer a democratic republic rather than the mock-feudal oligarchy currently prevailing in the so-called United Kingdom.

The wealthy landowners who make up the English aristocracy will not want to see their vast huntin’ & shootin’ ¬†estates being confiscated by a social democratic Republic, led by someone who never went near Eton.

We know from the experience of Colin Wallace and the dirty tricks (aka Black Propaganda) department of the British state security services in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s, that they will stoop to any underhand methods to maintain the status quo.

Watch out, here come the dirty tricks . . . After AV they’ll be thinking of offering the turkeys a referendum on Christmas, but the canny Scots might not be so easy to fool . . . although it’s worth remembering the destruction of the Scottish Socialist Party and the demolition of Tommy Sheridan; who was responsible and who did the ‘dirty work’ . . .

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