Operation Southern Mistral – the war on Libya

RAF banner for Operation Southern Mistral

The attack on Libya coincidentally took place at exactly the same time that a war game run by the French and British within NATO was about to take place.

An article by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky details the way that the humanitarian pretext for a war justified a well-planned attack on Libya.

On November 02 2010, more than four months prior to the onset of Operation Odyssey Dawn, France and the UK announced the conduct of war games under Operation “SOUTHERN MISTRAL 2011” against “AN IMAGINARY COUNTRY’ called “SOUTHLAND”, living under a “DICTATORSHIP”  which allegedly “was responsible for an attack against France’s national interests”.

The Franco-British (humanitarian) air operation against “SOUTHLAND” was to be carried out pursuant to an IMAGINARY “UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION NO: 3003”.

The war games were scheduled to start on March 21, 2011. THESE FRANCO-BRITISH WAR GAMES  NEVER TOOK PLACE. OPERATION “SOUTHERN MISTRAL” WENT LIVE ON MARCH 19, 2011 (two days prior to the scheduled date).

Below is the exact quote and colors from the Franco-British war games website which is hosted by France’s Air Force:

SOUTHLAND : Dictatorship responsible for an attack against France’s national interests.

FRANCE : Makes the decision to show its determination to SOUTHLAND (under United Nations Security council resolution n°3003).

UNITED-KINGDOM : Allied country as determined in the bilateral agreement. The United Kingdom supports France through the deployment of its air assets.” (Commandement de la défense aérienne et des opérations aériennes,  Southern Mistral 2011:  Scenario)

Map of the area covered in Operation southern Mistral

Dennis Kucinich asks why President Obama Had Time to Consult with International Community, Not Congress?

On March 29th Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) sent a letter to Congress asking them to withold funds for a war being waged under false pretences.

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