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9/ 11 Questions and Conspiracies

John Heathcote, Seán Mac Mathúna

The World Trade Center Demolition and the so-called war on terrorism

The Enemy Within by Gore Vidal

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A year after the devastating terror strikes against the United States of America there are a multitude of conspiracy theories concerning the events of that day; many unproven or unprovable, and not a few verging on the absurd.This is not surprising, considering the dreadful absurdity of the events themselves.
However, it is not strange that these conspiracy theories are already creeping into the established media, largely because of the amount of unanswered questions and loose connections in the official and officially-sanctioned reports concerning the 9/11 attacks. Many question the context of the attacks themselves, some going on to query the interpretation of events we have been fed through TV and the Press in the West; others deconstructing the detail of the reports to find anonamalies in the chain of events, not noticed or mentioned in the general media.
Already serious questions are being asked about how much the intelligence agencies of the United States knew about the attackers themselves, their presence in the States, and any plans they might have had for the attacks of September the 11th.
In the USA, the currently cowed and compliant media has ventured to ask the questions of who knew what; but both the volume of information forthcoming on the subject and perhaps a fear of where it may lead has curtailed any real investigation. Different reports substantiate theories suggesting that certain parts of both the FBI and CIA knew pertinent facts or had received fairly specific warnings about the forthcoming attacks before last September.
The Arab world is rife with rumours of Mossad involvement in a variety of different ways. This is neither surprising, or completely bizarre. The only nation which has a tradition of infiltrating Arab political groups and agencies from outside is Israel; and if anyone knew what was going on before the 11th September 2001, it is probable that their intelligence service Mossad were aware of something.
A report in I-Spy, a glossy magazine on intelligence matters available in Britain - which is of unknown provenance, but highly produced - contained an interesting story a few months ago. In Britain, both the Independent and Daily Mirror newspapers, representing both broadsheets and popular tabloids, have questioned the official version of what really happened to Flight 93 which "crashed" in Pennsylvania.
A quick search on the internet will reveal the amount of unanswered questions concerning the fate of the plane. It goes on to claim that the plane may well have been re-taken by the passengers - still heroes, but like so many fighting on the side of the US, killed by friendly fire. The conspiracy theories range between wide parameters.
The least disturbing merely question the detail of events; and perhaps suggest that the agencies of the US Government, despite being the most richly funded in the world, did not heed the obvious warnings and left their defences wide open. Of course, in democratic countries this instantly reflects on the Executive, and how they have assessed the threats to their nation's people, prioritised them and worked out how to deal with them.
The more extreme conspiracy theories start to ask the questions from the perspective perhaps of what has taken place since.
The infinite War on Terrorism, the suspension of Human Rights at home in the US and abroad, and the excuse of acting pre-emptively and unilaterally to preserve the United States' position as the global military superpower, has led to many people wondering if the attacks didn't serve the agenda of Bin Laden so much as the Pentagon Hawks.
This has led many observers to point to the many proven links between the Cold War Warriors in the Pentagon and their once anti-Soviet allies, the mohajaddin. Their confluence of interest during the Soviet era was sustained by an American view that any dissension in the Arab world is best channelled into religious fundamentalism, rather than democratic struggle, or worse, revolutionary socialism.
A popular theory in the Arab world is that the attacks were either directed or carried out by agencies of the Israeli State, either in conjunction with US agents or as a provocation which would lead to a polarisation of opinion against Islamic terrorism, and as a consequence the PLA.
Many of the rumours, and anecdotes concerning warnings given to Jewish people who worked in the Towers have never been substantiated; and it would probably be foolish to believe that any operation as well-planned as this, by anyone, would be jeopardised by warning potential civilian victims.
However, the benefit extracted from the tragedy by that "Man of Peace" (G.W.Bush) Sharon, the hawks and Orthodox xenophobes in Israel was an almost obvious result of such an attack by their eternal enemies on their imperial paymasters.
The links between Islamic extremists and US and Israeli intelligence agencies, although suprising, are well-documented. Like the US, Israel sees these movements born out of sheer desperation more than faith, as ultimately self-defeating for the Arab world; and worth promoting as an alternative to rational, (not aetheist, but secular) socialist organisations that might take control of their countries wealth and use it for the benefit of the people.
It has always been in the interest of Zionism to be able to point to the Arab world and be able to decry it as extreme and uncivilized.
Israel contains a large population of Jews born and raised in Islamic countries who find no problem passing themselves off as Muslims, and Mossad penetrates most of the fundamentalist groups in the Middle East, with informers, spies or by carrying out field surveillance operations, often with great success.
It is this last area which was brought sharply into focus soon after the September 11th attacks, with the arrest and expulsion from the US of 120 Israelis; many of them known Mossad agents.
Although most were claiming to be art students, it is reported that many did not even know the address of the art school that they were meant to be attending. In fact the report in Eye Spy claims that many were experts in bomb disposal, wiretapping and electronic interception.
The report continues with a precis of the US Government report on the case which notes how the "students" were organised into teams ". . . .under the control of an experienced team leader, with transportation, accommodation and assigned "target areas". Some of these just happened to be "next to key defence installations and defence contract companies. The original report goes on to say: Eye Spy learned from the French intelligence report that originally broke the story:
'According to the FBI list, the Arab terrorist and suspect cells lived in the some neighbourhoods as the Israeli cells in Irving, Texas, Hollywood and Miami, Florida from December 2000 to April 2001. In the case of Irving, the Israeli cell used a rented mailbox in a shopping centre just one block away from an Arab suspect's apartment. In Hollywood, the terrorists- including lead hijacker Mohammed Atta Atta, the Egyptian who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, used a rented mailbox drop two blocks from an apartment rented by an Israeli 'art student' team leader.' It is not the only case where the Israelis were found to be in the same location as the Saudi cells. According to the DEA Report, another Israel! team operating out of Hollywood, Florida, led by team leader Hanan Serfaty lived at 4220 Sheridan St, #303, Hollywood, Florida 33021 (Emerald Greens Apartments) while the Saudi hijackers Kholid AI Michar, Abdulaziz al Omari, Walid Al Shehri, and UAE national Marwan al Shehri operated from a mail drop at Mallbox Rentals, 3389 Sheridan St. #256, Hollywood, Florida 33021-3608, Another Serfaty residence at 701 S. 21 st Ave., Hollywood was located near the homes of Atta and Al Shehri, including a residence on Jockson Street, just a few blocks away, and the Bimini Motel Apartments, Apartment 8, at 1600 North Ocean Drive. On September 7, just days before their terrorist attack Atta and Al Shehri spent several hours at Shuckums Oyster Bar and Grill at 1814 Harrison St., just blocks away from Serfaty's 21st Ave, residence. A Miami-based Israeli unit, led by Legum Yochai, operated from 13753 SW 90th Ave., Miami while hijacker Al Shehri lived nearby at Horizons Apartments, 8025 SW 107th Ave."
According to both the US government report and many sources throughout the country, the US Air Force issued an alert from Tinker Air Force Base, in Oklahoma City, on 30 April 2001, warning of "intelligence collection by Israeli art students". Other law enforcement offices had similar alerts.
The coincidence of these parallel units raises many questions. Even from the least cynical perspective, one would ask how much intelligence the Israelis had gathered on the targets before the attacks; and why had it not been passed on to their allies, the US.
The speed with which they were picked up and deported suggests that certain US Agencies were aware of the Israelis' presence; what did they think these agents were engaged in?
However, as the report points out, these valuable witnesses were ". . .whisked off to Tel Aviv hours after the attack on September 11th." without the chance of US investigators or elected representatives to question them.

The Urban Moving Systems Mystery

A further report in I Spy - which was reported in many papers including British broadsheets The Guardian and The Independent at the time - raised the curious case of the five men working for Urban Moving Systems in Weehauken, New Jersey.
The FBI later described the company as a Mossad front, run by it's boss, Dominick Suter, as a surveillance operation.
Arrested eight hours after the attacks on September 11th, and held for 10 weeks whilst Suter fled to Israel after an initial interrogation, the men were picked up driving an UMS van, after being reported "acting strangely". Police became even more curious when they discovered boxcutters, two sets of passports on one man, $4000 in cash, and photographs of the men standing with the burning ruins of the WTC in the background.
The men were eventually deported, after being held in solitary confinement in the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn. Their case was, unusually, handled by the FBI's counter-intelligence unit, the FCI, rather than their counter-terrorism unit. This meant that the investigation was kept extremely tight and secret.
It is reported that one of the Israelis was subjected to 7 polygraph tests.


Was Mohammed Atta still alive after 911
Read how Mohammed Atta's father claim's that his son contacted him after the September 11th attacks.On September 2, 2002, The Guardian his father said in an interview that his son was still alive. "He is hiding in a secret place so as not to be murdered by the US secret services," Mohammed el-Amir Atta, 66, told the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag. He also vehemently denied that his son - believed to have flown the first plane into the World Trade Centre - had taken part in the atrocities, blaming them instead on "American Christians". His says his son called him the day after the attacks on September 12 at around midday. They spoke for two minutes, but his son didn't tell him from where he was calling.
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Was the WTC brought down by a controlled demolition ?
"In a truly open society there would be serious questions about the causes of the WTC tower collapse events".
One of the most interesting areas of investigation surrounding the WTC attacks is the speed of collapse of both towers - and a third containing a secret CIA base (WTC7) - and whether these buildings were in fact bought down by a controlled demolition.
The collapse of WTC building 7 is also very difficult to explain. What's also interesting is an article in The Independent on 5th November 2001 that the CIA had their undercover station in New York, which played "an important role in many years of spying on the Russians". According to the report, the base was located in WTC7 - which collapsed in exactly the same manner at the other two towers. The New York Times reported that the base was used mainly as a base to spy on the United Nations and recruit foreign diplomats working there. It was believed to be "the largest and most important CIA station outside Washington".
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Was flight 93 shot down ?
"I know of two people - I will not mention names - that heard a missile . . . They both live very close, within a couple of hundred yards. . .This one fellow's served in Vietnam and he says he's heard them, and he heard one that day." The mayor adds that based on what he knows about that morning, military F-16 fighter jets were "very, very close (to flight 93)" The Mayor of Shanksville
1) Why was there between 30 and 55 minutes after Flight 93 was "suspect" before it was intercepted ?
2) Why did Air Traffic Controllers in a Nashua Telegraph article report an F-16 was circling Flight 93 and was in visual range at the time of crash - and why does the US Government currently DENY this?
3) What caused an entire engine and human remains to be found a considerable distance from the main crash site?
4) How did metal scraps, clothing and garbage bags full other debris gathered by residents and turned over to the FBI float on the breeze from a 35 foot deep muddy hole through wet, muddy fields for between 2.5 and 8 miles in 9 knot(10.4 mph) winds as the NTSB has declared?
5) What was the explosion and white smoke that the first cell phone caller reported? And the explosion a 911 dispatcher heard shortly after talking to a passenger right before the line went dead? Ground witnesses report hearing several explosions.
6) What was the mysterious white jet trailing Flight 93 before the crash, and witnessed by so many just after the crash?