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The conflict in the Balkans

From: Milenko Samardzich

Subject: The Role of the SS Handschar division in Yugoslavia's Holocaust

Date: October 5th, 1999

I was very pleased you wrote such a incredible page. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being honest and truth, since half of my family died in Jasenovac. I was born in 60's and remember only the stories I have heard at home. You have done the same. The truth will never die.


Milenko Samardzich

From:  Zoran Ilic

Subject: The Role of the SS Handschar division in Yugoslavia's Holocaust

Date: 4th March 2001

I would like to thank you in the name of hundred of thousands of helples people who did not have power to defend themselfs from the Handzar evil during the second world war. They were slaughtered in the Nazi concentration camps in JASENOVAC and GRADISKA, and all over the Bosnia and Croatia with no particular guilt. Complete families disapeared just because of their Serbian, Jewish or Gypsy origin .

Thank's again, and keep up your good work.

Zoran Ilic

From: Peggy Smith, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Date: October 5th, 1999

Subject: Article regarding the Vatican and Yugoslavia's Gold

I find this account compelling and alarming. What information can you share regarding Pope Pius XII involvement? I understand that all actions were sanctioned by 'Hitler's Pope.' I also understand that his cannonization is well underway. Are there any discussions, plans, etc. to alter this course . . . Thank you so much for the information! I have found this to be a most fascinating topic and one that sparks my passion.

I will continue to research and write to those with influence. I appreciate your response. I have bookmarked 'The Flame' and am so glad to have 'stumbled' upon it!


Peggy Smith

From: Daniel K, Australia

Date: 14th March 2001

Subject: Article regarding the Vatican and Yugoslavia's Gold

Well, I don't know what to say.

In a flood of the so-called "mainstream journalism", it is a real refreshment to run into a web site with the content that is just the complete opposite of what you'd read/watch on CNN, BBC, etc. My parents' grand-parents were either slaughtered or burnt alive by Croat and Muslim Ustashi just because they were Serbs. As a kid, I would listen to my grand-mother's stories who was a 17-year girl in the early 40's, wishing that such evil times would never happen again. Unfortunately, in the early 90's that was exactly what happened and I found myself in a similar situation.

To cut the long story short, I just want to thank you on my and on behalf of many Serbs and Yugoslavs who know that "The Truth is Out There, Molder."  

Daniel K.

From: N Repic

Subject: Genocide in Krajina

Date: December 29th, 1999


From: ZKP, Croatia

Subject: Genocide in Krajina


From: Chiro, Australia

Subject: Article regarding the Vatican and Yugoslavia's Gold

Date: 19th January 2000

Hi Seán

I would just like to say that it is refreshing to see such a website created by people who speak the truth and offer indepth articles on various aspects on the Vaticans role in the Nazi puppet state of Croatia. I would also like to highlite the fact that Croatia is once again undergoing a resurgence in facist activities and today with the help of the Croatian catholic church and the late Franjo Tujdman, Ante Pavelic and his facist regime are considered to be heros and croatian matyrs. Once again thank you for not forgetting the 750,000 serbs who butchered by Ante Pavelic and his facist regime . . .

My name is Chiro l am a first generation Australian, my parents come from Yugoslavia and l currently reside in Sydney. I would like to bring to your attention a tiny article that l cut out of the Sydney Morning Herald, the article is entitled SECRET MILLIONS. I will give to you word for word in the hope that you may shed more light on the matter and also most importantly if you do decide to follow it up, let poeple know that the Vatican the most holy of institutions is in actual fact one of the most unholy of institutions.


ROME: The Vatican secretly sent the Croatian goverment $A62 million worth of bearer bonds to buy weapons during the Bosnian war, the Johannesburg trial of South Africas former warfare chief has been told -- THE GUARDIAN-1

You might well already know about this, but on the slim chance that you don't, l would love to see you follow it up in depth.



From: A Hayes, Netfive UK

Subject: Article regarding the Vatican and Yugoslavia's Gold

Date: 23rd January 2000

Dear Sir

We seen your site,well done, we have been hunting some croats down for three years, and both the vatican, look at our web-site on Bosnia.

We also have made three Films about this place. we like to know can we use some of your text or maybe put a link from us to your site?

Netfive UK

Mr A Hayes


Subject: Yugoslavia

Date: February 23rd, 2000



From: Feohthund, UK


Date: February 26th 2000

Saw your site for the first time today, and I liked the bit about bringing the warmongers and criminals who bombed Yugoslavia being tried at the IWCT.

Any info on how that's going? Alas, I suspect that the IWCT is a Western glove puppet, didn't Louise Arbor say that NATO's war crimes weren't in fact crimes at all because she thinks Blair and Clinton's hearts were in the right place? Mmm, and I suspect every butcher in history has believed he had right on his side.

Cautionary tale: a Welshman fighting for the Croatian Army bragged to Channel 4's "Travels with my Camera" that he and his comrades had demolished the home of a Slavonian Serb to intimidate the local populace, a clear cut war crime if I am not mistaken. I drew this to the attention of the last government and this one, but neither government has shown any evidence of pursuing this character, whom I named, whose freely given confession should be in Channel 4's archive and who regularly returns to the UK. Interesting that Carl Bildt says that Clinton (and) Blair's hostility to Yugoslavia is based on hatred for socialism and a refusal to plug into the "free" market . . . exactly what I've been saying for years. Just call me Cassandra . . .

. . . I'm not surprised that there has been no IWCT action on Blair, Robertson, Cook and the rest of the NATO vermin. Indeed, I think you'll find that America's enthusiasm for Geneva Conventions and such like date approximately to the Soviet Union's economic long as the US war machine is invincible by conventional means, then America's political enemies will continue to be indicted by the IWCT. As soon as China (or any other state) becomes powerful enough to seriously challenge the US conventional inventory, you mark my words, Uncle Sam will crack open his stocks of napalm, agent orange, binary agents and Tabun and wipe his arse with the START treaties, and carpet bombing will come back into fashion.

I agree that Montenegro and Vojvodina are likely next targets for Western imperialist intervention, and the theory that Slobo knocked Arkan off because Arkan was planning to testify against him is rather weak...Western leaders are always claiming that they have enough dirt on Slobo, why cut deals with Arkan? Indeed, the KLA (under a new name) is extending its operations into areas of Serbia now called "East Kosovo", in the hope of provoking a backlash and then a NATO intervention on their behalf. And if I may labour the point about war criminals, why hasn't KFOR collared KLA military leader Agim Ceku and asked this former Croatian general what part he played in the killing of elderly and invalid Serbs left behind in Krajina?

Keep up the good work.


From: Paul Spiroski, Australia

Subject: Did the Bosnian government shell it's own people?

Date: August 30th

You people have absolutely ignored the fact that when war broke out in Bosnia at least 2 million shells were fired by the Serbian army into Sarajevo, many of which were fired deliberately into civillian area eg the main hospital, libraries, museums and even areas where there were no Bosnian positions. Wouldn't it seem logical that eventually a large number of people are going to be killed as a result of continous shell and mortar bombardment?

Any one with half a brain could see that Serbs were continously shelling Sarajevo and other Bosnian towns and villages, so why when a large group of civilians are killed, you point the finger at the Bosnian government (just like the rebel Serbs did) What you have done is read from the script prepared by the Serbian leaders.

I am sure you are not that stupid and cannot see that the Serbs are the ones who composed the destruction of Bosnia and Croatia. Just because they cannot accept democratic elections and are extremely UNLEARNED to see past the lies and propraganda being feed to them by their leaders. The Serbs have done much in the last decade to shame their nation and people for generations to come. But most Serbs it seems are proud of the destruction that they have caused.

C'mon fellas THINK and be much more objective in your work

From: Dasti Dragicevic

Subject: Did the Bosnian government shell it's own people?

Date: September 10th, 2000

Thank you for your response, l am glad that you see the logic behind what l wrote to you. But, it seems that you are very naive to the very situation that Bosnia was in during the war. Britain and France firmly supported an arms embargo (which was illegal) against Bosnia (and Croatia) so they could not be able to defend themselves. While the Serbs had every form of heavy weaponry at their disposal, courtesy of Mr Milosevic. The Bosnian army had very few tanks and artillery peices, so l cannot see how you can say that they were "also shelling Serb areas of Sarajevo". It is true that there are many Serbs which lived in Sarajevo. Most lived in the (democratically elected) Bosnian government controlled areas. l am guessing that you did not know that the Bosnian Army's leading commander (General Divjak) was a Serb.

How could he order an attack on Serbian civilian homes? There were numerous Serbs who fought alongside the Muslims and Croats in the Bosnian Army. Not every Serbs wants to be a part of an intolerant fascist Serbian empire. It was the Serbs (and Croats) which targeted museums, libraries and Mosques.

Yes there are Muslims indicted by The Hague. There are idiots on all warring sides.

General Rose was the most incumbent UN commander that there ever was. He was nothing other than a conduit for Serbian propaganda. An example: he complained that Muslims has evicted 12 000 Serbs from Gorazde when Gorazde's pre-war Serb population was approximately 5 000.

l suggest that you should read objective books on the war in Bosnia like Noel Malcom's: Bosnia A Short History and the BBC's Allan Little: Death of Yugoslavia. Along with other objective publications they state that there was not a single scrap of evidence to support any claims that the Bosnian government shelled the Sarajevo marketplace.

Thanks for your time

Dasti Dragicevic

From: Jurate Macnoriute, Lithuania

Subject: Lawyers serve indictment on NATO leaders

Date: September 23rd, 2000

Dear Sirs,

Why I write to you? Yesterday some requests came to my email box from my friends and acquaintances who ask me to cross my fingers for poor country Yugoslavia on this Sunday. So I'm applying to you instead of below named persons and groups:

1. Rastislav Durman (my friend, representative of opposition of S.Milosevic),

2. NATO's representatives and war criminals: William J. Clinton, Madeleine Albright, William S. Cohen, Tony Blair, Robin Cook, George Robertson, Javier Solana, Jamie Shea, Wesley K. Clark, Harold W. German, Konrad Freytag. D.J.G. Wilby, Fabrizio Maltinti, Giuseppe Marani, Daniel P. Leaf, Jean Chrétien, Lloyd Axworthy, Arthur Eggleton, Jean-Luc Dehaene, E. Derycke, J.-P. Poncelet, Vaclav Havel, J. Kavan, V. Vetchy, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, N.H. Petersen, H. Haekkerup, Jacques Chirac, Lionel Jospin, H. Védrine, Alain Richard, Gerhard Schröder, J. Fischer, R. Scharping, Kostas Simitis, G. Papandreou, A. Tsohatzopoulos, Viktor Orban, J. Martonyi, J. Szabo, David Oddsson, H. Asgrimsson, G. Palsson, Massimo D'Alema, L. Dini, C. Scognamiglio, Jean-Claude Juncker, J. Poos, Alex Bodry, Willem Kok, J. van Aartsen, F.H.G. de Grave, Kjell Magne Bondevik, K. Vollebæk, D.J. Fjærvoll, Jerzy Buzek, B. Geremek, J. Onyszkiewicz, Antonio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, J.J. Matos da Gama, V. Simão, Jose Maria Aznar, A. Matutes, E. Serra Rexach, Bulent Ecevit, I. Cem and H. S. Turk.

3. Lithuanian authorities and descendants of Lithuanian Jews' killers whose fathers saved Jews from life and killing them made a present to them -- everlasting heaven. Amen. And neofascists in other countries too.

4. Still we can't leave out today's Lithuanian army which desires to become a member of NATO very much. Almost one year has passed when two Lithuanian soldiers beat Doctor of Art History N.Tumenene who is a tutoress of my doctorate.

So instead of above named persons I'm applying to you and asking to cross yours fingers. Let Yugoslavian voters don't vote for Slobodan Milosevic because he don't love NATO and hope himself to reconstruct the socialist system. Does you know what is this socialist system? If not, I'll remind about it because long time I myself lived in Soviet Union and know all subtleties excellent.

In Soviet Lithuania the social maintenance was for all people. Every got a job and at least his/her minimal means of subsistence. The foodstuffs were very very cheap. Medical treatment was free of charge. Every who had some total work record in old years got his/her pension - women from 55 years old, men from 60. The future was ensured. The State has supported materially the artists, writers, scientists, sportsmen etc. very much. Some sides of culture had achieved great winnings.

However, this support didn't bring all waiting results. These guarantees and too good being brought our people to no appreciation of the existing state. The people of culture and others often became the alcoholics. By that time the Western broadcasting tried to suggest that heaven is in West, and these theirs illusions found a ground in the hearts of some people. After "the stagnant" years came to us. The leaders of artists unions (and together the leaders of communist party) sometimes were not the high creative and clever persons. The personal initiative was restricted. Still more every who wanted to show his/her own initiative was disregarded. A Soviet leaders' fault was why the socialist system was defeated.

Now in capitalist Lithuania life is worse for the majority of population. For some people life is worse more more times. Especially difficult life for young people who can't find a job and for old who are unhealthy and have not money for medicine, for paying theirs rent etc.

Artists' life is worse too. Some of them are waiting only death. If they are teaching at art schools, the salaries are very little. If they want to sell theirs art works, nobody are buying because everybody are thinking only how to make a living, how to buy a food etc. and don't think about art as a thing of luxury. The State almost don't look after the artists now. Though some artists live very well.

Especially those who have relatives closed with today's State power - former deportees, former killers of Jews or own Lithuanians who had another thinking. So the perspectives of capitalistic Lithuania are sad.

Now Lithuania lives from the Western debts. But time will come then these debts will be demanded. Today's authorities don't interested about the paying off debts. Lithuania already are siting in the pocket of West. Our independence is only nice word.

The criminality was low in Soviet Lithuania if to compare with today's criminality. Soviet Militia worked very well. Life of every man/woman was almost safe. People didn't know what drugs were, (or) AIDS, prostitution, mafiosi etc. The suicides were very very rare occurrences when now Lithuania is in the first place in World with its self murders.

After WW2 we lived in clear peace. Now you see youself.

In this way I'm sending to you this great request of NATO and others - to cross yours fingers. In any case can't win Slobodan Milosevic because he can turn out NATO from territory of Yugoslavia and bring freedom and friendship for different nations as it was 15 years ago. He can punish NATO leaders for the war crimes in Yugoslavia. Remember please NATO is the owner of Yugoslavia for ever. Yugoslavs are the NATO's slaves. And any talks can't be.

Instead of above named persons and groups,

Yours Jurate Macnoriute


The case of Dr Nijole Tumeniene: beaten up by soldiers in Lithuania

From: Jurate Macnoriute, Lithuania

Subject: Attack on Dr Nijole Tumeniene

Date: September 25th, 2000

Dear Seán Mac Mathúna,

Thank you very much for your welcome message. I'm happy that you appreciate my artwork.

Now about this terrible event. Nijole Tumeniene the Doctor of Art History, my doctorate tutor and works at Lithuanian Government office is a quite apolitical person. This small woman was beaten in evening of 05 November 1999 about 8 o'clock of our time when had done her shopping and went home. Remember that 07 of November was the Soviet holiday of October Socialist Revolution 1917. Few days before this event she said to authorities of our Fine Art Academy that my dissertation is good.

So in 05 of November she calmly went from shop and suddenly heard trample underfoot behind her. She turned back to look and saw two running soldiers. Any bad thought didn't came to her mind - perhaps some practical training of young soldiers. They run down. The bottles of brandy were in theirs lifted hands. She noticed that saw these soldiers in the shop. By surprise they took money from her and began to beat her head. Nothing more she doesn't remember because for long lost consciousness. Diagnosis: concussion of the brain, broken jaw and collar bone, beaten eye. About 3 months she was ill and didn't go to work.

Plastic operation of face was made. Some little mark only remain under the eye. When she tried to apply to chiefs of army, nobody didn't talk with her. When I asked her why she didn't look for truth, she only laughed. Such history was happened. With me until now all right. I have some problems with defending of my dissertation, but I hope in some way I'll defend it.

In principle what you said about Baltic states life is truth. Only the fact about discrimination of the minorities for Lithuania is less characteristic as for Latvia and Estonia. The thing is that in Lithuania 80% of population are the Lithuanians. In Latvia and Estonia half of population is not Latvians and Estonians. There they have drastic measures. These things are characteristic not only for Baltic states.

This same is in the Ukraine, in the states of Central Asia, Moldavia.

What to say about corruption? Only one kind of crimes more free existed in Soviet times. It was corruption. Even the anecdotes went about Georgian corruption. But corruption is not so dangerous for human life as mafia now.

Best wishes,


The History of the Khazars

From: The Khazars Home Page, Greece

Subject: The Story of the Khazars

Date: May 9th, 1999

Is it true that Khazars make up over 90% of modern day Jewry? No! But any estimation of numbers depends on who is to be regarded as a Khazar or a Jew.

We regard decendants of Khazaria as Khazars. Like Americans are regarded Americans and Icelanders Icelanders, wether they are Irish or Scandinavian. A Khazar is a Khazar!

We conclude that just about half of the royal house of Khazaria were pre-rabbinical Mosaic sephardic (former Alexandrine Egyptian and Persian) royal Jews from Crimea and that the other half was of newly judaized Western Turkic royalty. However, Rabbinical Jewry immigrated to Khazaria in great numbers from esp. Byzantium. Just about all of the upper class Khazars of nobles and royalty, the White Khazars, were noble warrior and merchant Jews from Crimea, Sogdiana and Caucasus or noble warrior Turks that became Jews in due time. This is generally not very well interpreted by the common main-stream scholars of Jewish and Khazar history.

However, the great mass of common Khazars of Hunnic-Alanic-Turkic origin, the Black Khazars, stayed generally gentile. The Scandinavian God-Kings Othin and Thor basicly have the same geographical and Alan origin, but well before any Khazarian empire.

The majority of the Azkenasic Jewry descend from all kinds of Khazarian Jewry. A considerable minority descend from Jewish Rabbinical immigrants to Poland from Germany (Lothringen) and Austria (Vienna). We guess more than half of todays Jewry have forefathers that passed through Khazaria. The eventual Jewish Turks may constitute less than one third of Azkenasic Jewry. This was regretably not very well interpreted by Arthur Koestler in the Thirteenth Tribe.

Most of the common and gentile Khazars developed into Cossacks, Tartars, Russians, Ukranians and other today mostly Islamic peoples of the Caucasus, Southern Russia and Ukraine. Some common Jewish Black Khazars developed into Jewish Tartars of Crimea and turkish-speaking Karaite Jews of Crimea and Lithuania. A special group of common and gentry (former Alexandrine Egyptian and Persian) Khazar Jewish warriors developed into tat-speaking (Persian) Mountain Jews still living in north-eastern Caucasus.

There probably never was such a thing as "ethnical" nations, just "political" and "cultural". However, some seem in the long run to be neither, but "religious" groups and nations, like e.g. Muslims, Hindues, Egyptians, Tibetans, Byzantines and Jews.

God repeatedly made the covenants of the Chosen People and the Promised Land with such a "religious" nation of Israelites, most of them later to become the classical and modern Rabbinical Jewry, but yet some others to become e.g. Khazars or Christians. So "biblical" and political claims to this land of Zion by Rabbinical Jewry, Jewish Khazars or any Jew are historicly and basicly just. This is usually not very well recognized by anti-jewish racists, who in racistically and counter-historically strained terms try to proove that Jews are not really Jews but Khazars, with no connection whatsoever to Zion, Palestine and Israel. Eventually an effort in vain by ignorant imbecils!

We think we just showed that at least Jews and Jewish Khazars have certain rights to their Promised, and eventually inherited and native, Lands! A Jew is a Jew!

Hopefully this will neatly sort these things out for you. Any comments or questions?

Khazar Home Pages

From: Vladimar Pomakov, Bulgaria

Subject: The Story of the Khazars

Date: January 21st 2001

Hi Sean,

I was just overcome with the desire to write. I also took the trouble to look through the readers' comments. Do you know that there is a comment from some - it seems - very orthodox Zionist? I tend to think that there is a certain category of the world Jewish population today that is most certainly to be blamed for the chaos reigning in the science of history. And for having many authors and even ordinary people stating that there is no such science as history. Yes! Just take the first comments on the history of Khazars, the one from the Khazar Home Page, Greece in your magazine (Readers' comments). The fellow who wrote that piece seems to be a rather ignorant person who did not even bothered to read, though superficially, the Old Testament. And allegedly the Old Testament is the early history of the Biblical Jews, isn't it? Wasn't it written there, that the Jews, led by Moses invaded the land of Canaan and massacred no more and no less than 29 peoples (or tribes?)! Palestinians, or the ancient Philistines, among them!

And why did their God promised them the Holy Land and not some other land plot? Naturally, because during their endless roaming with their herds of sheep and goats among the settlements of the civilized agricultural peoples of those times, they used to pass twice each year by the rich fields and vineyards of Canaan and it seems likely that they envied bitterly the way of living of its inhabitants, of their having to eat enough every single day and not being forced (by the Fate?) to trod the year round the vast semi-dry steppe between the north of Mesopotamia and the Nile Delta. And even when the Biblical Jews managed at last to settle in the Delta they were soon driven away by the Egyptians. Perhaps it was then that they invented the whole story of the Promised Land? To have some moral justification for the evil they committed when conquering Canaan and killing out most of its aboriginal inhabitants? God knows, we say.

That fellow also seems to have omitted from his readings the story of the Babylonians keeping the Jews twice in captivity and finally finding themselves forced to expel them from Babylon or whatever it was called in order to preserve the country and its native people from the captive Jews destructive influence? Never mind, however. I would like to ask the fellow who made the above-mentioned comments whether he could supply evidence supporting his thesis below:

"We conclude that just about half of the royal house of Khazaria were pre-rabbinical Mosaic Sephardic (former Alexandrine Egyptian and Persian) royal Jews from Crimea (?) and that the other half was of newly judaized Western Turkic royalty. However, Rabbinical Jewry immigrated to Khazaria in great numbers from esp. Byzantium. Just about all of the upper class Khazars of nobles and royalty, the White Khazars, were noble warrior and merchant Jews from Crimea, Sogdiana and Caucasus or noble warrior Turks that became Jews in due time. This is generally not very well interpreted by the common main-stream scholars of Jewish and Khazar history."

Can he explain how it happened that the Jews were to emigrate from Crimea, or were warriors and merchants from there!? The Crimean Peninsula was from the times immemorial a Scythian heartland as was the rest of the Eurasian steppe lands, i.e. the homeland of Indo-Europeans and Jews' presence there was but the most occasional one, indeed they were to occur there as single merchants from time to time.

Regarding his statement of "Hunnic-Alanic-Turkic" origin this indeed comes beyond the most presumptuous historical, anthropological and ethnographical/ethnological ignorance. The "HUNS" are 100% Scythians (Skitians as I would have put it) and therefore Proto-Slav people and Europeans by origin. It is the same with the "ALANS". "Turks" or TURKIC peoples have appeared much later on the European historical stage - by the end of the 1st millennium AD - and they indeed came from the far Asia territories of today's Mongolia/Altai Mountains, etc. They certainly belonged to another race! Nowadays people of mixed blood between white and Turkic races are quite common, particularly in Russia, but it wasn't so 1000 or even 500 years ago. Turks were a very distinct people, rather a sub-race of the yellow race than of the white one. Not to speak of the languages! So there is simply no such creature as "Hunnic-Alanic-Turkic" Homo sapiens in those times. Most definitely.

Regarding the statement or assumption that there never were "ethnical" nations: it seems the concept of "no ethnic nations, only political, religious and cultural ones" is a very convenient one for the category of Jews I referred to in the beginning of my letter. However, it will take quite of an effort for the fellow to explain how then there is so many distinctive ethnic entities in the world today.

Vladimir Pomakov

From: Anthony Sistrom

Subject: Khazars and the Scythians by Vladimir Pomakov

Date: January 18th, 2001

Excellen paper, on the history of the above tribes. I concluded that the Khazars, and Akatziri were the same but needed documentation.

Many thanks for putting it so clearly on the web

Leonard Martin
London England.

From: Dan, Israel

Subject: Arthur Koestler and the History of the Khazars

Date: September 8th, 1999

Since your a self hating left wing Jew. You know the bible says, God gave Israel to the Jewish people. So you being anti Zionist, have to disprove the Jews in Israel are not descendants of Abraham. Your bullshit site is full of lies. Jews are not Khazars.

There was never in history a state called Palestine. The Palestinians are not a biblical people. They came from the surrounding Arab countries in the late 1800s. Only the Israel had a state there. From 70AD to 1948, Empires controlled the land. Until the 1960's, ALL ARABS refered to this area, as a province of Greater Syria. If you claim that the "Palestinians" are a "People" and Israel is their land, then tell me this: who was the first "king" or "president" or "dictator" of Arab Palestine?? (If you say Arafat, then you admit that their history is very short).

What was their national anthem? What was their national flower? You cannot answer these, because THERE NEVER WAS SUCH A THING AS A PALESTINIAN ARAB NATION. It is a hoax that has been promulgated since 1964 as a propaganda device. The name Palestine, is a colonialist name, the Romans gave the land of Israel, after they defeated the Jews in 70ad. The Romans changed the name, so Jews would lose all connection to Israel. The name Palestine, is named after the Philistines. The Philistines were Israels ancient enemy in Biblical times. They came to Israel, from where Greece is today. The Philistines were not Arabs, Muslims, or descendants of Ishmael.

The Palestinians are not related to the the Philistines. Most Palestinians currently living in Israel today, are the descendants of immigrants, from Egypt and Syria who arrived two hundred years ago. Jerusalem was never in history an Arab capital. There is not one single mention of Jerusalem in the Koran. Only the Jews have had Jerusalem as there capital. David and Solomon built up Jerusalem. Further, from 1948 to 1967, when the Arabs occupied Israeli East Jerusalem, the Arabs kicked out all the Jews from East Jerusalem, burned 58 temples and built bathrooms next the to wailing Wall.

Only when Israel liberated Jerusalem in 1967, was Jerusalem a free city. And most importantly, that Muhammad flew from Heaven from the temple mount. This is the biggest lie in history. It was Hajj Amin Al Husseini, the Arab Nazi leader of the 1920s, who made this lie up. Husseini made this lie up, so Arabs would riot against Jews. And we all know, the Arabs massacred the Jews in Hebron


Jim Allen's play Perdition and the Holocaust in Hungary

From: Flutie

Subject: Kasztner's List: Zionism and the Holocaust

Date: August, 9th 1999

Jews never collaborated with Hitler. Thats a total lie. Jews were Victims of Hitler and his madness. Jews tried to save there fellow Jews. But not one single country let Jews in. I dont mean to be rude to you, but i dont understand, why there are so many self hating Jews. Do you know how i found out about your site, A Holocaust denial from the Yahoo world report send me it. You give this bullshit information, that Jews are not descendants of Abraham. I think your upset, that Israel has stood up to the Arabs and there racist thinking. What do you think would have happened, if Israel would have lost any war to the Arabs.

What you should put on your website is, all the Arab massacres they've commited. I'll send you the list. You should also document, the Arab Nazi alliance. As a matter of fact, i'm gonna have someone, who is very familiar with the Arab Nazi alliance, tell you all about it . Then you say the stupiest thing, you say, i wonder why Assad has Brunner in Syria. Did it ever occur to you, that Assad and tons of Arabs are like Brunner. Do you know right now, Assad is using Lebanon and the Beka valley, to produce one of the biggest drug trades around. Do you know Assad and Iran, are also using the Beka valley, to make millions of counterfit 100 dollar bills and sending them into the U.S.

And Sabra and Shatille were not commited by Israel. The killing was done by Chiristian Arabs, because the Christian Arabs, were were massacred by the PLO and its muslims allies in Damour Lebanon in 1976. Which the media never talks about.

2nd, Jordan was part of the British Mandate. The British took the land in 1922 and created this country and named it after the Jordan river. 70 percent of Jordans population is Palestinian. Do you know how much land, the Arabs have since the Balfour declaration and how much the land the Jews have.

The Arabs have 80 percent and the Jews have 20 percent. Further 800,000 Jews were kicked out of the Arab countries in 48, not the 555,000 you mentioned. And do you know, Israel took in every single one of those 800,000 Jewish Refugees, while the Arabs with all these countries, refuse to take in any of the Refugees they created, when they attacked Israel. And its a known fact, that the Arab countries told the Palestinians to leave there homes, because they wanted to clear the Area, so they could kill all the Jews.

Further, Jerusalem was never in history an Arab capital. Only the Jews have had it as there capital. You probably were happy, when the Arabs from 48 to 67, kicked out all the Jews from East Jerusalem, burned 58 temples and built bathrooms next to the Wailing Wall. It amazes me, the Arabs who are just as racist as the Nazis. I'll gonna send you reports from there media.

And to think, you support these racists And you make lie after lie on your Selfhating website. I must say, only the Jews support there enemies.

Now i'm gonna have someone document the Arab Nazi alliance to you. I'm also gonna send you, what happened to the Christian Arabs in Damour Lebanon. By the way, since you put Arthur Koeslers lie of a book on your site. Why dont you put a holocaust deniers book on your site.


From: Anthony Sistrom

Subject: Kasztner's List

Date: August, 1999

Dear Seán Mac Mathúna

Your introduction to Kasztner's List is brilliant. I have been studying Jewish history for two decades and I have never seen so much wisdom compressed into 15 paragraphs. My only disappointment is that my beloved Magyars are descended from the same Mongol tribes.

A traditionalist Catholic journal with a tiny circulation published from St. Louis, Social Justice Review, has in its September-October 1999 issue a review of Ben Hecht's Perfidy by a Cleveland psychiatrist who concludes in bold capitals AND NOW YOU KNOW WHY YOU NEVER HEARD OF THIS BOOK- THE ZIONISTS WANT TO KEEP IT SECRET The reviewer, Dr. Samuel A. Nigro, is understandably upset by the accelerated attack on Pope Pius XII occasioned by the appearance of John Cornwell's new book. If you have not already done so, please read John Garrard's The Bones of Berdichev The book is about Vassily Grossman, Soviet Jewish novelist, who believes the Holocaust began not in Poland but in Nazi occupied Ukraine. He also believes that greed not race was the motive for Ukrainians turning against their Jewish neighbors. John Lukacs' Budapest 1900 shows that a whole generation of Jewish youth were radicalized by sociology professor Oszcar Jaszi in turn of the century Budapest. These very same students would lead the red revolution of 1919. Hungarians were understandably wary of the Jews in their midst after the revolution was put down. But in spite of this Jews in Hungary would dominate all the professions, so much so that the Parliament imposed quotas restricting Jews, 5% of the population to 20% of the jobs.

What happened in America in the 1960s with the Cultural Revolution was a replay of what happened in Hungary. According to Stanley Rothman in his 1982 book, The Roots of Radicalism, the chief motive of radical Jewish youth was their fear and loathing of Christianity.

According to Arthur Liebman in his 1979 book, Jews and the Left, Jews were a majority in all the principal radical movements of the 1960 There is a chilling silence about the Jewish presence in American life. The Jerusalem Report, an Israeli newsmagazine, reported in 1996 that 7 out of the top 10 jobs at the US State Dept would go to Jews. Commentary magazine noted last year that 7 out of 10 reporters on the Harvard (University) Crimson were Jews from only three states, NY NJ and CT. The Wall Street Journal carried an op-ed by a Jew who breaks the mold. Dennis Prager reflecting on the tragic attack on a Jewish community center in LA, noted that many Jews opposed any expression of Christianity in public life. He said that this opposition has had a corrosive effect on American life. How corrosive can be seen from T R. Reid's new book, Confucius Lives Next Door. Reid, a Washington Post Reporter, who did a 5 year stint in Japan and is now in London, marveled on his arrival in Tokyo at how his 10 year old daughter could travel with a friend to Tokyo Disneyland 90 minutes from their home and three train rides with no adult escort.

Confucius lives!

With kind regards and best wishes,


Anthony Sistrom

From: Yoram Rovner, Chile

Subject: Perdition and the Holocaust in Hungary

Date: March 8th, 2000

Dear Sir:

I'm the editor of a Chilean jewish magazine (, who deals with moral issues of Jewish history. I've been very impressed to see the Kasztner story and other articles that you have published. Because l want to write some articles for my magazine, l have some questions for you about this topic:

  • How has been the reaction of the Jewish people to this topic ?
  • Which Jewish historians critisize the Kasztner item or other collaborationist issues ?
  • Do you have more information about it - Which books should l read ?
  • Where can l get a copy of the movie Perdition of Jim Allen ?


Yoram Rovner

From: Martin

Date: March 31st, 2000


Who are you guys? What is the point of your site? What are you trying to accomplish? I am considering the possibility that your intentions are good but I am very unconvinced, hence my questions . . .

The part of your site which I came across was the part regarding the Holocaust of European Jewry. I am curious as to your interest in promoting the belief that certain Zionist leaders collaborated with the Nazis as well as your interest in promoting the idea that most Jews descend from a Turcik tribe rather than the Israelites. I have seen similar arguments from confessed anti semites and I wonder what your intentions are when you choose only to publish one side of the story and a side that is very outweighed by the facts.



The Life of Klaus Mann

From: Peter Grunwaldt, Germany

Subject: Klaus Mann

Date: April 27th, 1999


I haven't read all the text, but Heinrich Mann (1871-1950) is not the grandfather of Klaus Mann - he is the brother of his father Thomas Mann.


Peter Grunwald

George Andrews

From: Brandon Post, USA

Date: May 13th, 1999

Subject: A Question for George Andrews

Mr. Andrews

I was riding a mountain bike through a forested area near Corvallis Oregon, USA in 1991 or 1992. I happened upon a piece of paper hanging from a limb. It looked as if it had been there for some time. I took it down, and it was a poem titled "Lightning Illumination" by George Andrews. I have a degree in English Literature, and gave it a thorough review. It was a wonderful piece of work, and I wish to find it again. After reading My Missing Time Experience, I could not help but notice the similarities of style in "Lightning Illumination" and the "My Missing Time Experience" essay.

It would satisfy me greatly if this was the George Andrews who authored "Lightning Illumination" and where I might find that poem, as well as others.

I quite enjoy your Magazine so far. I look forward to finishing it at a leisurely rate. Your web design is pleasant, fluid and non obtrusive. Mainstream really bogs me down sometimes.

Thank You

Brandon Post

The first draft of anything is crap - Ernest Hemmingway

Dub and Reggae

From: Kenny Funk, USA

Subject: DBC (Dread Broadcasting Corporation) Article by Bob Baines of the Three Key Sound

Date: July 3rd, 1999

Hi Sean

While traveling in London in 1985, I went to Camden Market and picked up a tape of a 1982 Dread Broadcasting Corp. live recording. Any idea how I can get a hold of another one? It's awesome . . . The DBC was a pirate radio station. The tape I have is from one of the broadcasts from 1982. I doubt any of the shows were put on CDs, only analog cassettes. I'm just itching to find someone who has some more of them to trade. Thanks for getting back to me and hope all is well.

Kenny Funk,
New York City, USA


Jack Cade and the Kentish Revolt of 1450

From: Brittany Laucis, Texas, USA

Subject: Kentish Revolt of 1450

Date: September 13th, 1999

I was just reading the information you have on the Kentish Revolt of 1450. I am interested if you have any other information on Jack Cade himself. His history upto the revolt and his family. If you could be of any help at all I would appreciate it. I am working on a school project . . . I just wanted to thank you for the information that you sent me. It was very appreciated and helpful. I am writing to you from Texas, in the US. Again thank you for your help.

Brittany Laucis,
8th grade

From: Emma Ko

Subject: Seán Mac Mathúna article on Jack Cade Rebellion, 1450

Date: October 5th, 1999

Hi - I was wondering if you could help me. I am working on a history programme for the BBC, and am in the middle of research on a film about the London Stone. I came across the article written for Flame, which suggests the London Stone was created as an alter-stone, laid by Brutus the Trojan. I am wondering where you got this information from, as I have looked through many sources and your article is the first mention of that as the London Stone's origin. Obviously it is a very interesting and exciting possibilty and I would like to follow it up.

If you wouldn't mind getting back to me. Thanks.

Screenhouse Productions

Mumia Abu-Jamal and the bombing of MOVE

From: GrizzlyCop, USA

Subject: Mumia Abu-Jamal

Date: February 24th 2000

PLEASE! Enough of this outrage to free a convicted copkiller ... for 18 years MANY judges have reviewed his case and come to the same conclusion, including our own Supreme Court. I abhor the thought that this convicted killer might be freed because of movements like yours that ignore the truths of the matter, and scream for "justice", trying to intimidate those who make the decisions in our country.

Why don't you keep your fights on your own turf for your own people and stay out of our affairs, as you in Europe have repeatedly told us in the USA to do for so many years?


From: GrizzlyCop, USA

Subject: Mumia Abu-Jamal

Date: February 26th 2000

From Flame: We read today that there have been so many miscarriages of justice in the state of Illinois that the governor has suspended executions . . . you've been here since 1945 - and stop using our country as a floating base to wage war against other nations - much against the will of the people here.

I don't intend on carrying on a political diatribe with you, as I can see you are well-entrenched in your socialist beliefs; however, I must respond to your two statements above:

1-don't believe everything you read about this great country called the USA ... our methods of punishing the guilty are what keeps the system running today. As for your misguided thoughts on guns - statistics are easily manipulated. If I thought you would read something of consequence, I'd refer you to a very thorough independent study done by Yale University concerning the use of guns in that supports the right to carry arms, and one that also unbiasly reports how many crimes have been aborted by good citizens carrying firearms...but I doubt you'd read it - you remind me of the workhorse with blinders on ... looking one way only...sad.

2-Yes, we have been there since 1945 - too bad we didn't just let Adolf take your country and roast all your fine citizens that he felt didn't fit in with his "perfect" race plan. I agree wholeheartedly with you though, we should get out of all of Europe, out of all the foreign countries (and take our dollars with us), and let all of you fight it out, while we stand back and watch. And that is the will of most of the people here.

Pog mo' tho'in te ciente!

the friendly Grizzly Cop

Che Guevara's Irish Roots

From: J Dixon, Cork, Ireland

Subject: Che Guevara's Irish roots

Date: February 4th, 2000

Dear Sean:

Thanks for your e-mail. However it has been said to me that "Ana Isabel Lynch" must have been born in Argenitin as her name seems Spanish. Therefore it is possible that her father was the emigrant from Ireland, I was impressed by the Mormon list of Anna Lynches here, will still look into two nearby ones thoug it seems now doubtful that they will be useful. I have heard Galway, Kilkee, West Cork named as possible places.

The idea that Patricio Lynch went to Spain from Galway in 1715 thence to Argentina seems a bit doubtful as it is a long time ago to have records - though, as you said, the better-off types had their records well kept! Last year I got quite close to the problem, it seems Celai - Che`s daughter - was in California studying her family roots which it seems included a visit to California during the gold rush - 1848 or so.

Also I had a contacat in Rosario with someone who was going to contact their local history buff - but that went dead too. Also two days ago rumour that Che`s son is living in Belgium, so will try to trace that. Also note from Eamon and Deirdre that Argentina kept superb immigrant records, but since the generals they have been neglected, even destroyed at times to cover Nazi immigration. These two were returning to Argentina, no word it goes.

Will keep trying and will let you know.



The struggle of Indigenous People's in the USA

From: White Owl, USA

Subject: The U'wa struggle and the recent murders of three indigenous rights activists

Date: March 8th, 2000


I would like say that the attack on traditional Indigenous Peoples stretches all across North and South America and at the forefront of this attack is the U$A and its disguised face of democracy. If one were to travel through Canada, U$A, Mexico and into the South American countries the scene is the same all across theses two continents.

What do we as a People do when the world is against us and our way of life which is the land is under constant attack by people who have no regard for the sake of human life. We the Indigenous People of the land have a strong conection to the earth for she is our Mother and we respect her as such, however not only do 'we' suffer with this distruction for we are all Indigenous to the living earth.

I would like to bring attention to whoever reads this that here in the USA human right abuses are continuing, to name a couple, the threat of forced removal of traditional Navajo People at Big Mountain, Arizona, USA so big Industry could mine the land, also the taking of Lakota (Sioux) in South Dakota and the many other land thefts and human rights abuses that continue. For more info on the Lakota struggle check this website:

Are the Indian wars really over?

Thank you

White Owl


From: Gavin Allwright, Japan

Subject: Journey to the Land of the Snows and the Tibetan Weblink Directory

Date: September 1st 2000

I think your magazine is definately an interesting one and I will be recommending it to my friends/colleagues etc. Good luck with future publications.

Gavin Allwright,
Managing Editor
Kotan Publishing,Inc.


From: Wei Loo

Subject: Journey to the Land of the Snows

Date: November 4th, 2001


The "Free Tibet" movement is a sham and just a tool of the American and British imperialists to attack China. The fact is that Tibet is INDISPUTABLY part of China and this is recognised by basically every government in the world.

China in fact liberated Tibetans from a bloodthirsty, ghoulish and exploitative theocracy. The facts are that the ruling clique in old Tibet were parasitical tyrants who lived a life of leisure on top of the 90% of Tibetans who were serfs. Tibetan buddhism is a mish-mash of superstition and old-wives tales are as indeed all religions. However in a secular society one may choose to practice any belief or religion so long as he does not infringe on the rights of others. This of course is entirely different from the situation in old Tibet where monks would sit around getting "enlightened" while serfs and slaves toiled to feed them.

It is also an incontestable fact that monks often would sexually molest servant boys that were apprenticed to them. I can produce solid proof of this. Of course you know that the Dalai Lama has publicly accepted homosexuality as "normal". What type of religious leader is he????????

Many witnesses abound of the cruel punishment and tortures that were visited on wayward serfs by the Dalai Lama and his cronies in the period before liberation, including chopping off of hands and limbs and skinning people alive. This is INDISPUTABLE.

I would like to ask why everytime there is a movie about Tibet such as "4 years in Tibet" and "Kundun" the hero is always a white European. Why is this? Why can they not get a Tibetan to be the star? The answer is obviously because these new-age freaks that support a so-called "Free Tibet" are just a bunch of self serving hypocrites into self promotion and glorification.

The so-called "Free Tibet" movement is just a front for for anti-China diehards who want ot return to the good old days of the Opium War and gunboat diplomacy. Tibet of course also suffered directly from British aggression at the beggining of the 20th century.

Tibet shall always remain a part of China!!!!!!

Regards Wei Loo

From: Goh Jong-Mun, Singapore

Subject: Journey to the Land of the Snows

Date: September 16th 2000

Dear writer and editors,

I have read your internet story, "Journey to the Land of the Snows", and would like to contribute my two cents worth of ideas on this story.

I myself am very interested in the Tibetan culture and lifestyle, and have read some books on them. I personally feel that there are just too many books out there that exaggerates the sorrow of Tibetans under Chinese rule, but have either just did a touch-and-go on the British invasion, or even brushed it aside.

I am a Singaporean ethnic Chinese. I also felt sorry for the torn-down temples and devastated people. However, I would not consider this a result of racial genocide, let alone compare it with that of the Nazi and KKK.

The damage was actually a result of the Chinese communist's intention to create an atheist world. During the times when communism is so highly regarded, it can be understood why those people had not thought of the after-effects they would bring to the Tibetans. I am not saying that it is forgivable, only that the motive is not "genocide". In fact, the adverse effects of communisim not only affect Tibet, but the Chinese themselves. If you notice that Taoist and other religious relics were also destroyed as a result of the athesim wave, you would understand what I am trying to say.

Tibet did not suffer alone under Chinese communism, but also the whole of China. The fact that most minority groups lead a more religious lifestyle made their life more devastated than others.

I would also like to add that, if the British were not busy with themselves and their other numerous colonies in Southeast Asia during World War I and World War II, Tibet might now be occupied by someone else other than the Chinese. Tibet not only has invaluable coal mines, it is a militarily stragetic spot. If Tibet is really "free-ed" now, it will probably invite other hungry wolves to come.

Goh Jong-Mun (Mr.)
from Singapore

Herne the Hunter and worship of the Horned God in early Celtic London

From: Penda the Pagan, Germany

Subject: Evidence of worship of the Horned God in early Celtic London

Date: 16th March 2001

I just wanted to point out that the stag also played an extremely important role in the germanic witchcraft traditions. The god Yngvi Freyr's sacred animal was the stag, and he used a stag horn to slay the giant Beli. One of the tribes that invaded Briton were called the Ingavones, whom were a tribe that was dedicated to Ing Frea. Rituals surrounding Yngvi Freyrwere very "shamanic" oriented. They did shaking/swaying dances with small bells sewn into their tunics. Other Inveonic rituals involved wildly dancing around boar heads, as well as dressing up in boar skins . . . and yes . . . wearing stag horns as well.

In fact a holy ring-stead involves a circle of stones (to represent Freya's necklace, the Brosingomene) with a stang (a pole with stag horns on top). These two important peices represent Vanic (gods of fauna and flora of sea and land) might in its totality. Freya translates to "Lady", which in turn means bread (power) maker, while Frey translates to "Lord" which means bread (power) giver. The brosingomene is like a womb, both a protector and a container for power (magen), while the stang (harts horn) is like a penis, projective, pentetrative, and power weilding(through "ejaculation" or release of power).

Niord (organic power latent in the sea) and Nertha (organic power latent in the land) generate the reseviores of power that Frey and Freya distribute through the fauna and flora. The Etons are beings that represent major terrain features such as the earths crust (Jord), the moon (Mani), the sun (Sol), the mountains(the Risar), the sea(Aegir) and so on. The Thursar represent the chaotic natural disasters (such as forest fires, snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on). The Aesir are the forces of non-natural divine consciousness (they are the creators of human consciousness). Examples of these would be Woden (God of Wisdom), Frija (Goddess of Domestic Affairs), Thunnor (God of Might), Tiw (God of Law) and so on. The "little folk" are single function beings that fall under the catagory of one of the above, usually etons (such as trolls, kobolds, ect.), Vanir (such as huldre folk), or even the Aesir (such as valkries). Each specie of a plant or tree is treated collectively. For an example, Oak represents all the oaks combined, Fox represents all the foxes combined, and so on. As you can see, the Celts did not have a monopoly on the concepts that you are talking about in this web page.

It is sometimes very difficult (especially in England) to determine what is of Celtic influence or Germanic influence, simply because both religions had very similar ways of conceptualising something as well as their shared influences in modern England. I don't think that Robin Hood has anything to do with the Celts. He came around way after the Celtic Britons were driven away. He was most likely of Anglo Saxon ancestory, even his name is Anglo Saxon derived. Robin Hood could very well as easily be compared to the Anglo Saxon Wuldor (Old Norse: Ullr) who is the god of hunting and archery. It would be more logical to assume that Robin Hood is a archetypal manifestation of Wuldor than the the Green Man (which is actually the Roman God Silvanus Pater).

The Green Man is totally irrelevent to Celtic and Germanic Heathenry. Cernunos and Freyr have more in common with Dionysus than they do with Silvanus. Herne the Hunter is simply a local spirit that acts like Woden but looks like Cernunos. Herne does alot of Wodenic things, such as making dealings with powerful beings, hanging himself on a tree, leading the wild hunt, stirring strife, and so on. Even witchcraft (as it is conceptualised in literature) is germanic. Riding broom sticks (Frau Holle), the feline familiar (Freya's sacred animal is a cat and she is the witch-goddess), the bubbling kettle (in germanic herbal magic substances are prepared in brass (NOT iron) kettles), the spiral dances (the Anglo Saxon wicc- means to twist/turn), ointmens (tons of accounts of witches and germany using flying ointmens), skrying (tons of accounts in germany of witches using mirrors, pools of water, and so on) and so many other things it isn't even funny. I have never even read a story about a witch with a Celtic name. All the "witchy" names I have ever heard in literature were "Hilda", "Gretta", "Mildred", and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I fully realise that the Celts had their "shamanic" arts of herbal/animal based magic, otherworld travel, shapeshifting, and so on. In fact, it has much in common with germanic witchdom. However the things such as broomsticks, familiars, kettles, witchy names and so on are passed off as being "Celtic" by people that are uneducated in the subject. I feel that the truth is FAR more interesting than the fantasy. I am sure that if you do your homework you will find things in the Celtic Tradition that is just as rich and beautiful as that of the Germanic Tradition, it's just that us Germanic Heathens get a little peaved when people say that certain Germanic things are Celtic when they are not.

Penda the Pagan

The death of Princess Diana: What caused the crash at the Point d'Alma ?

From: "Spiritist", London, UK

Subject: The death of Princess Diana: What caused the crash at the Point d'Alma ?

Date: 5th Jun 2001

You are the first people to receive this information other than al fayed, to whom we sent a communication 3 years ago. We are a spiritual group in n london and a few weeks after the death of diana, henri paul communicated to us through our medium that he was not drunk - the crash was not his fault - there was another car. thats all we got - nothing else.

Al fayed could have sat with the group. we never heard from him. here is a man desperate to glean the truth. i think not. if so he would have been in contact.

Keep up the good work. get the info out to the public.

A well wisher.

p.s. the reason he came through this particular circle. Spiritually, like attracts like. our circle leader is FRENCH!

An extract from the Notes of the Amen Corner by James Baldwin

From: David Henshaw, Boston, Mass', USA

Subject: An extract from the Notes of the Amen Corner by James Baldwin

Date: June 1st 2001

I am a college instructor who will be taking an Introduction to Theatre class to the Huntington Theatre (Boston, Mass.) production of The Amen Corner next week.  I discovered your site while checking for things online relating to it to share with my class.

As to why it is not frequently revived - it is not his best play, nor does it rank very high in the pantheon of great black drama - though it certainly has its moments, and its position as a major work propelling black thater at mid-century forward does give it some cachet.

Blues for Mister Charlie is a better dramatic vehicle, and writers such as Lorraine Hansbury and LeRoi Jones (as he was) spoke louder and better at the time.

That era is still oft invoked in the US, for comparisons both good and bad.  And the church statements are still true in many ways - as a maternalistic and highly pressured section of that society. Similar stricture and structure can be seen in the early years of the Black Muslim movement.

Also, numerous leaders of the community have come from the religious sector, from Martin Luther King jr. to Jesse Jackson and the highly questionable but extremely vocal Al Sharpton. (Rev. Shifty a NY Post writer recently labeled him.) However, even more interesting to me was reading about his refuge in France.

Reading this in an Irish publication brought to mind the foreign sojourns of Joyce and Becket, and inevitably of Oscar Wilde, similarly scorned for homosexuality. {Indeed, my password used to be OscrWild.}

To add to the mix is a statement made by the 19th century black writer, Fredrick Douglass, who noted after a trip to England and Ireland that the peoples of Ireland, like the Negro, long under the oppressive hand of a different folk, both found a solace and strength for their sorrow in music.

And you can add that the joint production of "The Amen Corner" by the Goodman Theatre in Chicago & The Huntington here in Boston was an outstanding one. We saw the preview here - though 12 of the 16 member cast transferred with the set from the Goodman.

The gospel music made a wonderful accentuation to the breaks between theatrical moments and the conflicts on stage - they had changed some from what Hames Baldwin indicated. The performances - especially Sister Margaret and Luke were outstanding, and there were no poor ones.

The designed chose to elvate the church to a second level over the apartment, rather than using one side of the stage and the other (as indicated in the script.) Not only did it provide a marvelous amount of room in the church, it made some wonderful statements about ascending to the spiritual realm or descending to the secular world, as well as showing how the church pressed down on David.

As usual, the Huntington has made my season tickets a worthwhile investment. And this September they will be doing the Tony-award-winning musical version of Joyce's The Dead. I am eager, as it is among my favorite pieces of Joyce's, and Hustoin's film version ended with a fade away shot similar to what I envisioned in college when I first read it in 1061.

David Henshaw