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ground to air (5.7 Mb)

(live 1999)

singer; tony hippolyte

music ; heathcote/ baines/macmathuna/mcaffer/thomas

(from 3KS CD 'UNLOCKED', originally available on peoplesound)

resistance (7.6 Mb)

music ; heathcote/ baines/ macmathuna/

Recorded at the 3KS Studio by Heathcote / Baines 1996.

Available on the legendary first Three Key album 'Over the Horizon'.

Pictures above generated from photos by AP Photographer/Rob Griffith.

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The MP3 page will feature various trax from the 3KS archive, usually unreleased live or demo tunes.If your browser does not support a software player, click here to download for all systems.

If you are interested in buying any of these CD's or records, please contact us through here and we will send you the appropriate information.

We currently have 2 CD's available on our own fantompowa label, Concrete World and Pressure Zone No.9 .We also have a few remaining copies of the classic 12" singles Over the Horizon and Love SubVersion.