Three Key Sound Musicians



The Three Key Sound have a central nucleus of five. However, we have always worked with other musicians from our neighbourhood. We work as a live unit which varies from DJ'ing our own music, to a full band with a head warping light show of primal and futuristic images, by our visual collaborators Fisheye. The song structures are laid out in the studio by programmers John Heathcote and Bob Baines, with occasional rythmn input from percussionist Sean MacMathuna. He will add his overdubs, along with guitarist Tyrone Thomas. We then take the piece to a production studio; at first we went to Punishment Farm in Deptford, where we worked with Bevan Burke. Until it closed in March 2000, we went to Geezer's studio to complete the track.


We then add more guitar, samples whatever, and work with a number of singers, who write lyrics which we arrange as a song. This includes Jane Lisewski, Tony Hipployte, and other singers such as Fil Planet and Ivor Denbigh.

John Heathcote: programmer, songwriter

Bob Baines: Programmer, songwriter

Tyrone Thomas: Guitar and bass

Seán Mac Mathúna: Percussionist and programmer



Bevan Burke: Bass player, studio engineer

Vernon Edwardes: Guitar