fantompowa in the resonance fm studio with George Solomos


fantompowa broadcast on resonance fm

Hear it here ; in the studio - 14th July 2003 - 12.00 - 13.30

George P. Solomos at The Mill last year with his film 'Echo in the Village'

George Solomos , publisher, poet and filmmaker, interviewed by Simon Somerset and Bob Baines for Resonance fm. George was born in Detroit before it became Motor City, started checking the jazz clubs at the age of 10. Aged 17 he joined the USAF and flew 11 missions from Britain over Nazi Germany before being shot down over Normandy. Rescued by the Resistance, he escaped to Spain and returned to the Left Bank after the war, where he set up a magazine on his Veterans pension, publishing everyone from Satre to Vidal; eventually becoming the first publisher and mentor of the young James Baldwin.

George's life took him to Rome, where he wrote and directed two classic, rarely screened films; and then to London, where he worked with Yoko Ono and John Lennon, the poet David Chapman and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble amongst many others.

George talks about his life and the part that music has played in his travels as a world citizen, and also about his film magazine fiba.

His song 'Ain't No Love Anymore' from his film Nikita, can be heard at the start of the show Taylor's Dummies, currently on at the Battersea Arts Centre


John Heathcote, Bob Baines in the Resonance Studio broadcasting the George Solomos interview and various tunes to the sweltering city.

Playlist for the programme .

Intro; Mashdtronic (3KS unreleased)

Noszferatu - Left on Silver Lake (Luke Stoneham

George Interview;

John Coltrane - Lush Life

Alan Havhaness - Armenian Rhapsody -No.2 Op 51

Pharoh Sanders - Upper Egypt

3KS - Wiccaman ( unreleased)

Echo in the Village - Theme and start of soundtrack

Nikita Theme - Ain't No Love Anymore

John Lennon/ Yoko Ono - excerpt from cine-film

Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Withdrawal

Pt 1a



Nikita Theme - Ain't No Love Anymore

3KS with Johnny Astro and Geezer - Take Back the Power

Dave Price - 3 Way Conflict (from Taylors Dummies)

3KS - Extradited (unreleased)