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High Strangeness in the relationship between mainstream science and UFO's
George C. Andrews
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Submitted to the 17th Alexander Imich Essay Contest, June 1999, a contest sponsored by the Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (FIONS), 162 Fifth Avenue, Suite 10005, New York, NY, 10010, USA,

The question on which the 17th Alexander Imich Essay Contest is based presents a demonstrable bias:

"What evidence is needed to convince mainstream scientists - and perhaps yourself - that the UFO phenomenon is real and worthy of serious study?"

It is a loaded question, and the way in which it is phrased implies several unexpressed assumptions. In particular, it implies that mainstream scientists have never yet been presented with serious evidence, which is not true. There is a plethora of strong and abundant evidence, both hard and soft, that already exists and is publicly available, some of it dating back for several decades The books of Linda Moulton Howe, Colonel Philip Corso and Timothy Good, as well as my own (Drugs and Magic, Illuminet, 1997; Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes, Illuminet, 1993; Extra-Terrestrials Among Us, Llewellyn, 1986), provide a comprehensive overview of the evidence both hard and soft currently available. Instead of being disproven and dispersed, the evidence keeps accumulating and becoming stronger, to the point that it has now reached overwhelming proportions. To pretend that serious evidence does not exist is no longer a tenable position.

The key issue is not the purported lack of evidence. The key issue is the lack of interest among mainstream scientists in the evidence, which can be traced back directly to the guidelines laid down by the CIA's Robertson Panel in 1953, which defined government policy in this area, and which appear to still dominate government policy today. These guidelines include the systematic ridicule and harassment of UFO witnesses and investigators There is nothing that academics fear more than ridicule, which can destroy their careers from one day to the next. It is no secret that the military/industrial complex controls the mainstream scientific community through the grant system. Mainstream science is in fact under the command of the military, whether scientists like to admit it or not. It should come as no surprise that the mainstream scientific community takes its marching orders from these who provide its funding, and almost half a century later continues to obediently follow the guidelines originally promulgated by the Robertson Panel. The rare and courageous scientists who have dared to speak out on this taboo subject have been passed over for promotion and have had other career problems, directly related to their interest in UFO research. It is not so much a question of a complete lack of interest among the scientific community, as it is that any expression of interest by any individual member of that community can have repercussions damaging to that individual's career. It is the fear of reprisal far breaking ranks that imposes silence on the mainstream scientists, rather than the purported lack of evidence.

Mainstream scientists tend to censor incoming information through the filter of their preconceptions seeing only what they have been trained to see, sometimes missing vital parts of the big picture. They try to approach the multidimensional UFO phenomenon through the linear logic of their respective disciplines, in which they are encapsulated. This does not always work, as it is comparable to trying to express quantum physics in the terminology of classical physics Since the UFO phenomenon is multidimensional in nature, it eludes the conventional categories into which almost all (with the exception of the paranormal) other phenomena can be classified. Denial of the existence of a problem does not solve the problem. The first step toward solving any problem has to be recognition of the reality of that problem. Mainstream scientists have been persistently denying the reality of the UFO problem for the last half-century, and therefore have not yet taken even the first step toward solving it. The track record of mainstream science in investigating this academically taboo subject during the last five decades has been, to put it mildly, a disgrace. It is no wonder that UFO research has been carried out to such a large extent by amateurs, since the professionals abdicated their responsibilities almost from the start.

Too many people in too many regions of the world have now, like myself, seen UFO's with their own eyes, for the standard debunking procedures by government agents in key media positions to remain effective. The situation can be compared to a solution that reaches saturation point, after which manipulations that used to work, no longer work. The tide has turned, and now it is the debunkers who are on the defensive, as the accumulated evidence becomes more and mare impressive and refuses to go away. If mainstream scientists have any interest in retaining their credibility with the general public, it is urgent and essential that they also take a sincere, open-minded and long-overdue interest in UFO phenomena, as the number of witnesses among the general public has reached saturation point. The number of citizens who have been and are being exposed to UFO phenomena is not only already enormous, it is ever-increasing. This is not a time to be caught sitting on the fence, pretending that nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

A large proportion of these witnesses have, like myself, also been abducted. Particularly in the United States, abduction events have reached epidemic proportions, spreading through the general population like wildfire through a forest after a dry spell. When French researchers ask me why the abductions that are so prevalent in the United States are so rare in France, I answer that to me this indicates confirmation of the hypothesis according to which the U.S. military made a secret and illegal treaty with the alien group commonly known as the Grays, around the time that De Gaulle was taking France out of NATO and losing no opportunity to demonstrate his independence from Washington, so France was not included in the secret treaty. This exclusion may turn out to have been a fortunate development for France, which so far has been spared the abduction epidemic now running wild and out of control throughout the United States. There have been a few abductions in France, but not on any scale even remotely comparable to what is now going on in Puerto Rico and the rest of the United States.

Even if there was no evidence beyond the multitude of UFO sightings reported world-wide during the last fifty years, as well as more rarely in previous centuries, the modern surge in sightings occurring shortly after the first nuclear weapons were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this alone should have been more than sufficient to stimulate the interest of the scientific community. There have been hundreds of thousands of sightings and millions of witnesses, yet what do mainstream scientists do with this potential wealth of research material? They turn up their noses and deny that it has any significance, emulating the colleagues of Galileo who decided to refute his theory by refusing to look through his telescope, leaving its investigation strictly to the amateurs, since there is no funding far this type of research among professionals. This is not only a ludicrous situation, it is a grotesque parody of what science is supposed to be.

In the field of UFO research, there is a constant tug-of-war between zealot skeptics and zealot true believers, which like a Punch-and-Judy show distracts public attention from the real issues, since both of these groups have their minds made up in advance, and have rendered themselves impervious to rational demonstration of evidence through systematic bias.

It is indeed unfortunate that a large proportion of the academic community falls into the category of zealot skeptics, insofar as UFO phenomena are concerned. Although regrettable, this is understandable, since any other attitude endangers the grants on which their livelihood depends, as well as their prestige in the hierarchy's pecking order.

The treatment Dr. John Mack received from his colleagues and the trustees at Harvard after his book an UFO abductions was published amply illustrates what happens when a previously respected professor investigates a taboo subject and comes up with unconventional conclusions. However, Dr. Mack emerged from the controversy relatively unscathed, when one compares what happened to him with what happened to Dr. James E. McDonald about a quarter of a century earlier.

Dr. James E. McDonald was Senior Physicist of the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona. He thought that the Federal Power Commission was evading the evidence concerning UFO involvement in the total power failure that paralysed New York and the East Coast an July 13, 1965, and dared to say so in front of a Congressional committee. His courageous statements on this and other occasions triggered a torrent of derision and abuse, and he was ostentatiously ostracized by his colleagues in ways reminiscent of the treatment Dr. Mack received from his colleagues at Harvard. However, unlike Dr. Mack, Dr. McDonald, was shortly thereafter found dead under suspicious circumstances, which to this day have not been satisfactorily elucidated.

After writing and publishing his final book, Contact With Space, Dr. Wilhelm Reich died in the federal penitentiary to which he had been confined, on the day before he was supposed to be released. Reich's arrest and imprisonment can be attributed to other causes, but some of the sensitive information contained in his final book may have been among the unacknowledged reasons for the barbaric treatment to which he was subjected by a government he had sincerely sworn allegiance to and was trying to help.

During that era, the deaths of James E. Forrestal, Morris K. Jessup, Dorothy Kilgallen and Frank Edwards also occurred under suspicious circumstances. Similarly suspicious deaths in more recent times include Philip Schneider, Mae Brussell, Brian Lynch, Ron Johnson, Ann Livingston, Ron Rummel, Karla Turner, Faron Hicks, Gary Levine and Carole Sterling.

Arbitrary denial of the reality of UFO phenomena by the academic community, in spite of substantial evidence to the contrary which has been surfacing persistently at irregular intervals, demonstrates a self-censorship that is an abdication of responsibility on the part of contemporary scientists, and is incompatible with the principles their work is supposed to be based on. No matter what the subject of inquiry, scientific research is supposed to be carried out impartially, following the trail of truth wherever it may lead, without skewing the results one way or another to make them fit preconceived biases. It should make no difference if the results are unpopular or subject to ridicule by the ignorant who have not bothered to examine the evidence themselves, even if some of the ignorant happen to be in positions of authority that control research grants and advancement in the academic hierarchy.

It is the academic research community which sets the tone for so-called serious media coverage as well as statements made by government representatives. Because it has consistently deprecated, minimized or denied evidence out of fear of ridicule, for a full half-century adopting the attitude of zealot skeptics, the academic community now bears a large part of the responsibility for the catastrophic present situation, in which the population as a whole must adjust to the shock of acknowledging the reality of the alien presence on this planet, although deeply conditioned for fifty years to dismiss it as a laughing matter, as easily controlled as a television set.

Of course, the incident witnessed by a single person is always open to question, and an eyewitness report on its own does not constitute substantial evidence. However, in the investigation of a traffic accident or a crime, if there are multiple witnesses who independently give similar descriptions of the event, their cumulative testimony is taken seriously in a court of law. If there are literally hundreds or even thousands of witnesses independently giving similar descriptions of an event, the cumulative weight of their testimony becomes overwhelming. Long-term patterns over periods of several decades, that include entire populations of towns and cities making similar reports, should be considered scientifically as even more decisively significant, no matter what the subject matter. The exception is the taboo topic of UFO phenomena. There are literally hundreds of examples I could point to, but it should be sufficient to, focus momentarily on one series of incidents which illustrates particularly well how this taboo operates.

I'll begin by specifying my sources, which are articles in the following newspapers: Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Arkansas, Jan. 23, 1988; Arkansas Democrat, Little Rock, Arkansas. Jan. 23, 1988; Gazette, Texarkana, Texas, Jan. 23 and 24, 1988; Bee, Dequeen, Arkansas, Jan. 28, 1988; Northwest Arkansas Times, Fayetteville, Arkansas, Feb. 4 through 8 and March 27, 1988; McCurtain County Gazette, Idabel, Oklahoma, April 10, 1988.

The magnitude and extent of the incidents that began to be reported on Jan. 19, 1988, from Little River County in Arkansas were an a scale that went beyond any other UFO manifestations that occurred in 1988. The incidents clustered around the towns of Foreman and Ashdown in southwest Arkansas, near the Texas border. A few sporadic sightings had occurred in previous months, including a low-altitude sighting of a UFO as large as a football field in November, 1987, but the witnesses refrained from speaking out through fear of ridicule. The local population tends to be quite conservative, and the first witnesses to go public after a UFO chased three women in a car at frighteningly close range an Jan. 19, 1988, were subjected to persistent harassment and ostracism, until hundreds of citizens began seeing the phenomena simultaneously, and its reality became undeniable. A typical report described:

"a ball of light that was as big as a hay wagon at first, but which got smaller when as many as a hundred people gathered to look at it. The object changed colour from red to green to blue. It was first seen near ground level, then flew high into the sky. It got under the moon, and it looked just like a star up there until everyone went away, then it came back down. When it was up off the ground, lights were flashing, and you had to see it to believe it."

Witnesses included a professional astronomer, an Air Force veteran with 1,800 hours of flying time, who had been a navigator an a B-52, a science teacher who had been selected as a finalist for the NASA "teacher in space" programme, and a design engineer familiar with propulsion systems. Photos were taken that neither the Arkansas Sky Observatory, NORAD, or NASA were able to provide plausible explanations for. Clay Sherrod, the Director of the Arkansas Sky Observatory, succeeded in insulting everyone's intelligence by maintaining that the extremely mobile metallic objects with multicolored flashing lights being perceived simultaneously by whole crowds of people, hovering at low altitude, then suddenly rising straight up at incredible speed, performing maneuvers such as no airplane known to, man can perform, were either misidentifications of the planet Venus or moonlight reflecting off the bellies of white snow geese flying overhead. This seems to me a flagrantly obvious example of scientific prestige being deliberately used to obfuscate the truth.

Although newspaper coverage of the incidents ceased on March 27, 1988, the incidents continued to occur for approximately one full year without being reported, well into, 1989. They were no longer even mentioned in the local press, no longer being considered newsworthy, having been persistently disparaged by the authorities and the national news media, which had been content to parrot the "planet Venus" and "moonlight reflecting off the bellies of snow geese" explanations by the Director of the Arkansas Sky Observatory, seated hundreds of miles away from the scene of the action in his comfortable office in Little Rock.

As I have already said, there are literally hundreds of similar incidents I could discuss, but this one should suffice for the moment, since it illustrates particularly well how academic prestige among lay persons is deliberately and systematically used to obfuscate the truth instead of revealing it, which I consider an abuse of confidence if there ever was one. It also illustrates how academic prestige is used to set the tone for media coverage. But the eyewitness reports constitute only a fraction of the evidence, so I shall now pass on to same of the other categories.

Besides the many eyewitness reports of UFO sightings, there have been many cases that involve craft landings, sometimes with physical evidence of landing traces left behind after the craft's departure. These traces of physical evidence in many cases have been carefully investigated, and once again there are hundreds of examples I could point to. However, I shall focus on the details of one specific case, which is outstanding because of the remarkable way these details were supported by the meticulously conducted research of high-level scientists, which backed up the anecdotal eyewitness report with hard physical evidence.

Trans-en-Provence is a little village near Avignon in France. The incident occurred there at 5:10 PM on Jan. 8, 1981. Renato Nicolai, aged 55, a retired mason who had became a farmer, saw a strange aircraft land in his garden, where it remained for about one minute. It then took off and disappeared aver the horizon.

Mr. Nicolai thought that it was probably some sort of experimental craft being tried out by the French Air Force. He did not believe in flying saucers. That evening, when his wife came home from work, he described to her what he had seen. The next morning she went with him to look at the markings on the ground, then told a neighbour about the incident. The neighbour was frightened and informed the police.

A contingent of the Draguignan police visited Mr. Nicolai's farm. He described the craft to them as approximately two meters in length and two and a half meters in diameter. The colour was a dull gray, like that of lead. The shape was flat and circular bulging slightly above and below. The craft rested on small telescopic legs. There was no light, and no smoke or flames. There was no sound except for a faint whistling. It first appeared at an altitude of about 150 feet, like a mass of stone falling. However, it came down lightly an the ground. He approached it and could see the craft clearly. He had advanced about thirty paces toward it, when it took off at very high speed. When he saw the object from beneath, it was round, and had four port-holes.

The police reported that there was a circular outline about two centimeters deep and two and a half meters in diameter, with skid marks at two places. The site had the appearance of a circular stain, being darker in color than its surroundings. The police collected samples of soil and vegetation along a straight line through the impact site, writing an each sample taken its distance from the impact site. Upon their return to Draguignan they transmitted their report and the samples to GEPAN (Group for the Study of Unidentified Aerial and Space Phenomena, which at the time was a branch of CNRS, (National Center for Space Research, the French equivalent of NASA). GEPAN passed the soil and vegetation samples on to INRA (National Institute of Agricultural Research) and other laboratories. GEPAN personnel visited the site to take further samples on two other occasions. On June 7, 1983, after two and a half years of analysis, a bulky preliminary report, which assembled data from the different laboratories consulted, was turned in. The government scientists attributed the circular outline to a soil fracture caused by the combined action of strong mechanical pressure and a heat of about 600 degrees Centigrade.

Dr. Bounias, who was the Director of the Biochemical Laboratory at DNRA, had personally taken charge of the examination of the plant specimens. He carried out the analyses in the most rigorous fashion possible. First he established samples from plants of the same species (alfalfa), taken at different distances from the point of impact. Then he and his assistants meticulously analysed the photosynthetic pigments (such as carotene, chlorophyll, and xantophyle), the glucides, the amino acids and other constituents. He found differences sufficiently important that the statistical significance of the results is irrefutable. Certain substances that were present in the close-range samples were not present in those taken further away, and vice versa. The biochemical trauma revealed by examination of the leaves diminished as the distance from the UFO impact site increased. Same of the plants had been dehydrated, but were not burned or carbonised. The following year control samples were taken from the site, which confirmed the changes made in the vegetation. After completing the analyses, Dr. Bounias made the following former statement:

"We worked on very young leaves. They all had the anatomic and physiologic characteristics of their age. However, they had the biochemical characteristics of advanced senescence, or old age! This bears no resemblance to anything known to exist on our planet."

Dr. Bounias refused to speculate as to the cause of the strange facts he had established, or to propose any explanation for them. Although neither Dr. Bounias nor the French government have followed through on the implications of this evidence, or proceeded any further with it, at least as far as the general public is concerned, the case remains one of the most strongly substantiated investigations of landing traces in the history of UFO research. It is worth mentioning that the public would never have heard of the Trans-en-Provence case if Dr. Bounias had not taken the unprecedented step of appearing on a live radio talk show to disclose his research results, thereby forcing GEPAN to go public with the story. That is how a genuine scientist acts, a scientist who has integrity, and I wholeheartedly applaud the example set by Dr. Bounias. What a refreshing change from the American scientists so habituated to prostrating themselves before the idol of National Security that such disobedience would be unthinkable!

The contrast between the peaceful and frequently beautiful enigmatic symbols offered to us in the crop circle formations and the horrifying state of the carcasses we are confronted with in the cattle mutilation cases is bone-chilling. Let us hope that two different types of entities are responsible for these two very different types of phenomena, both of which bear the imprint of entities from elsewhere. If the same type of entity is responsible for both the crop circle formations and the cattle mutilations, then we are being simultaneously sent two contradictory signals one constituting of mathematically intricate and aesthetically appealing riddles to be deciphered, apparently designed to bring about mutual understanding the other consisting of blunt and obvious death threats, designed to terrify and mercilessly subjugate. This situation may be comparable to that of the neophyte in the mystery religions of antiquity, who among other tests typically was given a riddle to resolve. If he succeeded in solving it, he was accepted into the hierarchy as an initiate. If he came up with the wrong answer, he was killed on the spot.

Our contemporary scholastic examinations are fortunately not quite so drastic, though they are derived from that ancient system, with the end result still being acceptance into or rejection from a hierarchy of initiates. But it may be that between the benign crop circles on the one hand and the malignant mutilations on the other, present-day terrestrial humanity as a whole is now in a situation comparable to the ordeal of the neophyte in the mystery religions of antiquity. We are certainly not going to solve the riddle by continuing to pretend that it does not exist, clinging to the illusion that we are the only intelligent form of life in the universe, and the only thing that matters is business as usual. There are many other different forms of intelligent life besides our own, and in order to be able to function as citizens of the cosmos we need to be aware of this, prepared to communicate to the best of our ability if the contact is friendly, or to defend ourselves if the contact turns out to be predatory in nature. There are all kinds out there in the ocean of space, some who are compatible with human well-being and some who are not. The sooner we start learning to distinguish the different types and their respective characteristics instead of pretending that they don't exist, the better for our understanding of what is actually going on, and our ability to cope with it.

To perpetuate the old game of systematically trivializing and ridiculing UFO phenomena is utterly irresponsible under the circumstances, yet that is what the authority figures in control of our society seem determined at all costs to continue to do. It is not surprising that so many citizens no longer believe what they are told by government authorities. A government's ability to govern is to a large extent determined by the strength or weakness of its public credibility. If its credibility shrinks to the vanishing point, the government is bound to fall . Since our political leaders must be aware of this, why do they persist in maintaining such a suicidal collision course with disaster?

Deliberately orchestrated leaks in the stonewalling of high strangeness do at times occur, perhaps performing a function like that of a safety valve that releases excessive pressure. I suspect that the bottom line the government is so desperately trying to conceal consists of high strangeness so weird that their best experts are unable to make sense of it. Just as in quantum physics our familiar normal reality dissolves into bewildering assortments of paradoxical particles, so it may be in ufology: that in the final analysis what it all comes down to is extreme high strangeness involving interaction not only with short gray and tall blond aliens, as well as giant praying mantises who claim to be our parents, and rapacious high-tech reptilians, but also all the rest of the flora and fauna of outer space and of hyperspace.

At present our most advanced scientific technology only enables us to perceive about ten percent of the universe that surrounds us, and we are only capable of using about ten percent of the potential intelligence latent in our brains. It does not seem unreasonable to speculate that there may be some as yet unsuspected connection between the types of subatomic particles whose behavior we find so puzzling, the types of entities reported in UFO close encounters, and that 90% of our potential brain power that we have not yet learned to use.

Those who insist on imposing three-dimensional frameworks on multidimensional events in attempting to explain anomalous phenomena may be missing the point. Groups such as CSICOP, the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, which perceive themselves as watch-dog guardians of science, may in fact be sabotaging science by limiting in advance the scope of inquiry in order to come up with conventionally acceptable explanations that merely reflect their preconceptions. Any group that assumes itself to have a monopoly on the truth is a danger to the well-being of the world at large, and that applies to scientific as well as religious dogmatic belief systems. When it comes to the subjects of UFOs and the paranormal, mainstream scientists are the present-day equivalents of medieval theologians anathematizing heretics.

Dr. David Jacobs of Temple University, author of The Threat (Simon & Schuster, 1998) and other books, accepts the reality of UFO phenomena and alien abductions, but rejects the reality of other types of paranormal manifestations. However, according to Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz, author of Psychiatric and Paranormal Aspects of Ufology (White Buffalo Press, 1999) and other books, UFO's and the paranormal are two sides of the same coin. Dr. Schwarz states that:

"In my experience, study of UFO contactees-abductees in many cases reveals high quality macro psychic episodes before as well as surrounding the incident and aftermath. Almost all forms of psychic phenomena are represented: Synchronicity, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, telekinesis, teleportation, materialization, dematerializatian, bilocation, thoughtography, dowsing and reincarnation."

I think that Dr. Schwarz has made a point of major importance here, and agree with him all along the line to the end of his otherwise excellent book, when he states that there is no evidence for the existence of ETs aside from the stories of the contactees-abductees. The context in which events occur is also of significance, and should be taken into consideration. The stories of the abductees emerge from a context in which there are sometimes landing traces or independent witnesses, such as neighbours or passing motorists who noticed something unusual in the sky around the time that the incident occurred. They occur against a background of persistently recurring sightings of unidentified flying objects, some of which are reported by highly trained individuals such as airplane pilots and police officers. Furthermore the stories of abductees who do not know each other correlate in significant details, enabling us to get glimpses of how the alien cultures function. If all the energy that is now being wasted in denial of the problem was turned around and used to correlate significant details of abductee accounts from all over the world, we would have a much better understanding of what we are confronted with.

It is worth repeating that there is now hard evidence in the form of Dr. Bob Slaughter's "alien" skeleton. Evidence for the existence of ETs does exist aside from the stories of the abductees. The legends and mythologies of the earliest known human cultures worldwide are loaded with references to extra-terrestrial and other-dimensional beings, with which the ancestral culture hero was in communication.

Some of the crop circle glyphs resemble traditional geometric artwork of indigenous tribal cultures in different parts of the world so closely as to be identical. The implications of this are of the highest importance, since without exception the religious traditions of these cultures describe contacts at the time of their tribal origin in deep antiquity with celestial beings. The glyphs may transmit messages to the initiates of certain traditions, signifying that those who were here in the beginning have now returned, that the Old Ones are once again among us. That is a prospect that most mainstream scientists do not wish to contemplate, but to me it seems among the most plausible of the possibilities. It is certainly far mare plausible than freak whirlwinds, plasma vortices, or Doug and Dave stamping out Mandelbrot Sets with planks in the dark.

Michael Chorost made some astute and relevant remarks in the Oct. 1991 MUFON Journal, from which I quote:

"I invite my readers to consider that the mystery of the crop circles is very much like the mystery of the megaliths. Each consists of compelling geometric forms. No one knows why they were made, nor why they are where they are. Nor do we know how either were made. Perhaps the two mysteries are deeply intertwined. Not that either one "caused" or "inspired" the other, but that the two phenomena somehow "talk" about the same thing, a thing still unknown to us, or "do" a single thing' taken together as a total system. It could be that solving one mystery Will automatically solve the other".

Megaliths and crop circles have something else in common: they can both be interpreted as acupuncture on a planetary scale, performing acupuncture on the Earth, just as is done on a human body.

Since we are delving into such arcane subjects, it might be the appropriate moment to present a legend concerning the Return of the Star People that was told me by an abductee, who had been obliged at the age of five by her Indian grandfather to learn it by heart from start to finish, making her repeat it over and over again until he knew she would never forget it. Here it is:

Very long ago in the distant past, Mother Earth was whole and healthy, everyone lived in harmony with each other. There was an abundance of food and essentials. There were other beings who regularly exchanged knowledge with those who lived on and in our Mother Earth. These beings were the Star People.

There are many other civilisations out in the vast universe. They all came and traded with us in those far distant times of long ago. One thing that they were able to do besides soaring among the stars, was to see what is to be - much like when we have a vision during a vision quest. What they saw and shared with us was the coming of this age of ignorance that is upon us now.

Knowing that the ancient wisdom would be misused and exploited and perverted to destructive ways, the people gathered the sacred power objects and concealed them in the womb of our Mother - in caverns and hidden places. This was done the whole world over . . .

The star people withdrew for a time, but only after making sure the power objects had been concealed. They appointed watchers to guard the entrances to the sacred sites. All of the secrets will be completely protected. Now as has happened in the past, earth changes are about to occur. Our Mother is greatly burdened. She is heavy as a woman long due with child. She will give birth and soon too. It will be within your season - that means within our lifetime. Of course as with all deliveries, there is pain:

When mother earth has contractions - We will perceive it as earthquakes . . .

When the waters break - We will perceive it as floods . . .

When the blood gushes - We will perceive it as lava from volcanoes . . .

There will also be energy changes, maybe a shifting of the poles. However when the new life comes into being all that will be forgotten by the Mother. There must always be destruction of the old to bring forth the new. Young life feeds off old life, that is the way of the circle of life.

Afterwards comes a time of healing. The Mother and new child are cleaned and cared for. All rests easy. They young one grows from day to day. That is when the secret places will be opened. And the ancient wisdom renewed for the benefit of all. The Star People will return to our Mother and the times will be as in the long distant past. There will be celebrations in abundance throughout the universe. Choose not to harm, our mother is carrying us all. However one day she will shake herself and lessen this load. Many will not survive the changes. Be a helper. Do what you can to ease our mother's labour. It is fine to feel and share her pain. But you will also find ways to heal her wounds.

I realise that Indian legends are not the type of evidence that mainstream scientists are prepared to take seriously, particularly Indian legends that have been relayed from one abductee to another. However, I perceive this as a limitation on their part, and therefore pass on the story as it was told to me, whether or not mainstream scientists wish to take it into consideration as a significant piece of the puzzle. At least I have offered it, whether or not they wish to look at it.

There are so many references to Star People in the American Indian legends that it seems to me unscientific not to take this factor into consideration.

What is the connection between UFO phenomena and political activities? How do these two apparently disparate subjects relate to each other?

One way in which they relate, and for which there is abundant documentation, is in the systematic suppression and distortion of UFO information by the government and the news media for the past half-century. Another way in which they relate is more subtle, and the documentation for it is rare, rather than abundant. Although the influence of secret societies on political activity has been studied extensively, very few of the researchers have understood that the so-called Secret Masters at the summit of the hierarchies of these human societies may be non-human in nature. The tendency of the researchers has been to assume that these Secret Masters were merely imaginary and therefore delusions. I would like to suggest that they may genuinely exist, and be extra-terrestrial and/or other-dimensional in nature, as the two terms are not mutually exclusive. If we terrestrial humans awaken the potential latent in our brains to the point of acquiring the ability to mentally access hyperspace, and the abilities now considered paranormal became part of cur normal functioning, no matter where in other worlds or dimensions we may travel, we will still be Earthlings, since Earth is our home star, our place of origin.

The First Dynasty of ancient Egypt was founded by the Pharaoh Menes, who besides his own name had a Horus name, as did all the pharaohs who succeeded him in the First Dynasty. The superb workmanship in stone which contributes so much to the fascination which ancient Egypt has for us appeared full-blown and already perfected during the First Dynasty, which was consecrated to the supremacy of Horus, son of Osiris, in his battle against Set, the prototype of our modern Satan, and the deceitful murderer of his brother, the good king Osiris.

In the transition between the First and Second Dynasties, there was a switch in allegiance. Instead of a Horus name, besides his own name, Pharaoh Peribsen had a Set name. Throughout mast of the Second Dynasty, Set was the supreme deity. Set was associated with the constellation of the Great Bear and with Sirius. Horus was associated with the constellation of Orion.

The winged disc, also known as the boat of millions of years, is conventionally assumed to have been the sun disc. This was indeed the literal and obvious meaning, but what if this obvious meaning was intended for the uninitiated public, acting as a screen for the secret esoteric meaning known only to the initiates, who knew that the winged disc also symbolized an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and that the battle between Horus and Set symbolized two different types of extra-terrestrials in conflict with each other? What if this war has continued to the present day, and we happen to be living in the time just before the final showdown?

Contemporary abduction researcher Robyn Quail described a case she investigated in 1979, long before such research began to be taken seriously, during which the abductee, when under hypnosis, would sometimes speak in unknown Languages, one of which was identified to be ancient Egyptian. One day during a hypnosis session, he began to speak in ancient Egyptian, then while still in trance, got up from the couch he had been reclining on, walked out of the house, and pointed to the sky. Robyn Quail thought he was acting out some imaginary scenario, until she looked up at where he was pointing in the sky and saw an enormous UFO hovering there.

Themes related to ancient Egypt surface infrequently but persistently in the abductee reports. I once had a dream during a sequence of UFO-related experiences in which a man with the head of a black dog, dressed in a modern military uniform, appeared at my front door. In the dream, I immediately recognised him as my old friend Anubis, but what puzzled me was why Anubis was wearing a modern military uniform instead of his traditional Egyptian regalia. That was what I found puzzling in the dream, not that I was talking to a man with the head of a black dog. Of course, in my normal waking state my reaction would have been quite different.

The extent to which ancient myth and legend can be used to elucidate contemporary UFO phenomena is open to question, but every now and then significant correlation's do occur, so we may as well take note of them when that happens, as they could be clues that help to distinguish between extra-terrestrial friends and foes.

There is a type of UFO research that is compatible with the requirements of mainstream science which has not, as far as I know, ever been tried. Anyone who has studied the subject at all knows that UFO manifestations tend to occur in clusters, usually called "waves" or "flaps". The dates, duration's and locations of the major waves for the last half-century are a matter of public record. However, so far no one seems to have taken the additional step of correlating these time frames of intense UFO activity with the entire spectrum of local human activity during that time frame, starting off with the police and medical records for that area during that period, comparing them both overall and category by category. For example, was there an upsurge or decrease in crimes of domestic violence, or in admissions to psychiatric institutions, or in automobile accidents? Were any freak accidents or bizarre incidents that were not directly associated with UFOs reported in local newspapers during this period? I would suggest going through all the different categories that can be derived from municipal records one by one, making comparison in each category with the year before the wave and the year after the wave. One could then accurately estimate the statistical significance of any increases or decreases during the wave that surface in the data.

I hope that this suggestion is helpful in bridging the gap that at present exists between mainstream scientists in a state of denial and those who have had direct experience of the phenomenon.

George C. Andrews, © 1999