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George C. Andrews
"My aim as a writer is to express the truth as I perceive it on the subjects that interest me most"

George C. Andrews with the legendary Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, which was found in Belize, Central America in 1923.

The Star People Will Return

My missing time Experience Part 1

My missing time experience Part 2

From within the Crystal Skull

High Strangeness in the relationship between mainstream science and UFO's

An interview with George C. Andrews, Paris, France, 1995 by Seán Mac Mathúna

"The projection of psychic energy we periodically exude in the form of religious devotion may be like honey which fortifies and sustains the deities it is directed at. At this stage of our development, blind worship may no longer be what is required, but rather conscious understanding of our symbiotic relationship with the multi-dimensional entities which planted our ancestors on this planet. If they are now signaling their presence to us in the hope that we have become capable of understanding and communication instead of blind worship, our ignoring of those signals could give them the idea that the experiment has been a failure and should be terminated.s

Perhaps the worldwide public appearance of UFOs and the appearance of LSD, both of which events took place shortly after the first atomic bombs devastated entire cities, are not isolated separated events, but on the contrary, closely linked. Both the UFO and the LSD experience are characterized by multi-colored luminous apparitions and other-wordly realities. LSD may have been deliberately planted among us to prepare us for the shock of confrontation with non-human intelligent beings." GEORGE C. ANDREWS, EXTRATERRESTRIALS AMONG US. St Paul, Minnesota, 1993

The Book of Grass,

Written in collaboration with Simon Vinkenoog. Peter Owen Ltd., London, 1967; Grove Press, New York, 1968; Fayard, Paris, 1970; Penguin, London, UK, 1971.

Burning Joy

Published by the Trigram Press, London, UK, 1968.

Drugs and Sexuality

Published in collaboration with David Solomon. Panther, London, UK, 1974.

Drugs and Magic

Published by Panther, London, UK,1975.

The Coca Leaf and Cocaine Papers

Written in collaboration with David Solomon, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, New York and London, UK, 1976.

Extra-Terrestrials Among Us

Published by Llewellyn, St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A., 1986.

Review from New Dawn Magazine: This remarkable book is presented by Fate magazine, and contains a wealth of information on UFO sightings, contacts and abductions, cattle mutilations and evidence of government shenanigans and cover-ups. Some of the topics covered include evidence from ancient scripture and occult writings of alien contact and 'wars in heaven', aspects of the cover-up of UFO sightings/contact and deliberate discreditation/ridicule of contactees and their supporters, U.S. government involvement in said cover-ups, etc. There is a reasonable amount of material from the 19th century, and the author manages to link untraceable predators which decimate farmer's cows and chickens in the UK midlands to the cattle mutilators of the American midwest (an interesting link to the so-called 'ABC's' (Alien Big Cats) said to plague British farmers to this day.) Charles Fort receives credit for mentioning UFO related phenomena long before it became something in the public eye, and the book reproduces a number of his hypotheses (we are cattle!) as well as presenting some of the bizarre cases he collected. Review Appeared in New Dawn No. 36

Review from UFO Book Review: Andrews' book on UFOs and Fortean weirdness is a difficult mix of metaphysical speculation and solid reporting. The texture of Andrews' book is scattered and paranoid and he never lingers on a specific subject long enough for the reader to come away with anything of real investigative value. This is an enjoyable foray into strangeness and conspiracy theory, but not nearly the journalistic dynamite as Timothy Good's "Above Top Secret."

Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes

Published by Illuminet, Lilburn, Georgia, U.S.A., 1993.

Includes an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of different types of extra-terrestrials and their motives, the significance of the massive abduction phenomenon, how aliens have manipulated us through our intelligence agencies, and the political implications of the UFO cover-up. Purchase the book here.

Review From Inexplicata: The long-awaited sequel to Extraterrestrials Among Us will surely have been praised by a dozen magazines by the time that the current issue of SAMIZDAT reaches its readers, but it will not be too late, even so, to extoll its virtues further and urge those interested in UFOs, conspiracies, the occult, and humanity's long-term survival to purchase or borrow a copy of this book. George Andrews has no time for pussyfooting with the phenomenon--this is a stark, in-your-face text on what is taking place at the highest levels of government, and in the minds of those who hold our destinies in their hands.

Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes is a logical continuation of the subject matter exposed in the first book, expanding on the role played by the world's governments in keeping the UFO phenomenon under wraps for their own reasons, as well as the almost inseparable link that exists between black magic and the presence of the strange beings associated with UFOs. The book goes further than that in its treatment of the abduction crisis faced not only by the U.S., but by most of the world's nations, offering chilling, realistic scenarios and the options facing abductees.

The book is not yet another ramble of the "is there someone out there?" vintage. They are both out there and in here, operating with the tacit approval of world governments, aided and abetted by the global intelligence community, allied--perhaps--to the secret clique of humans ruling the world (whose existence has been hinted at by many writers of the occult). Crucial to the book's understanding is the fact that there exist nonhuman races engaged in a conflict on the spiritual/physical/mental levels, and that some terrestrial governments may have chosen to enter an alliance (however uneasy) with the wrong side.

Some of Andrews' revelations may come as a considerable shock to those with firm convictions not as much about the nature of UFOs but about the level of intrigue to be found at the highest levels of government. His examination of the Dulce Papers, the Bentwaters Affair, MJ-12 and other hot-button items will certainly be of interest to readers.

Contributing chapters to Extraterrestrial Friends and Foes are Linda Moulton-Howe, Riley Crabb and J.F. Gille. To those out there checking out books for their footnotes and addenda, this book has plenty and then some. The importance of this book as a final warning to a complacent humanity should not by underestimated.

Review From Strange Mag: Conspiracies galore in the "Hall of Mirrors with a Quicksand Floor" that is ufology (to quote contributor Linda Moulton Howe). This book will help you sort the good aliens from the bad aliens. Believers will find this a very scary book; others will be amused and amazed by cosmologies that connect the popular forms of strangeness, up to and including the Spider Queen of Space. For anybody who likes the incredibly weird.

Review From Yonder Books:This book really brought home the ET/UFO phenomena and clarified it for me. I was skeptical, but I had several friends relate experiences to me that I just could not explain (see the book listed above). While I don't necessarily believe all of Mr. Andrews' hypotheses, he certainly provides food for thought. From

Review from Mind Pollen: If you accept the idea that aliens are visiting earth, the next question becomes, "Why are they here?" This book examines the different types of beings that are coming here and what their motives are. Actually, that's what the book claims its mission is, but it mostly covers other aspects of the alien question. Various chapters deal with Wilhelm Reich's involvement with UFOs, the Nazis' contact with UFOs, disinformation and censorship regarding UFOs, mysterious happenings at Lake Tahoe, the alien origins of the visions known as the Miracle of Fatima, and the Dulce Papers. While a lot of this information is certainly interesting, it doesn't directly address the question of which aliens are here for what purposes any more than most other UFO books do.

One of the chapters that tackles the question head-on is "Tentative Taxonomy of Extra-terrestrial Humanoids". The information comes from a woman who claims to have been repeatedly abducted and is backed up by many other abductees. The two types that are discussed in detail are the Procyonians--known as "Swedes" or "Blonds"--and the Rigelians--also called "grays". "This type of humanoid is performing most of the animal mutilations and human abductions, has made a secret deal with our government, and was in contact with Hitler.

They derive nourishment--absorbed through their pores--from the glandular excretions and the enzymes extracted from the animals they mutilate. Our government permits such activities partially because of its acute fear of these beings, and partially because it is under the delusion that they will give us technical information enabling us to attain military superiority over the Russians in exchange for permitting the mutilations and abductions." The Procyonians, on the other hand, are a helpful race who want humans to learn to get along. A large part of another chapter, "An Explosive Exchange", examines more of the Rigelians' activities.

Extra-Terrestrial Friends and Foes also branches into some territory that has little, if anything, to do with UFOs: US government drug running, Native Americans for a Clean Environment, and the CIA connections of Marc Lepine, who massacred fourteen female students at the Polytechnical College of Montreal in 1989.

I was disappointed that this book didn't attempt to catalog and explain the "many types" of aliens it says are all around us. Instead, it focuses on only two species in a minority of the book, and contains all kinds of other information in the larger part. However, if you look at it simply as a general book about the UFO phenomenon--rather than a consumer's guide to aliens--it is a fascinating read.

Review from The Book Tree: For those of us who are aware that UFOs are real, the question becomes: what types of beings are piloting them, and what is their motivation for clandestinely observing us? It is urgent that we find out as much as possible about the different types of entities presently hovering above us and among us. It is time to face the fact that outer space is inhabited and that some of its inhabitants have been watching us very closely. It is imperative that we learn to distinguish between extra-terrestrial friends and foes ? to establish mutually beneficial relationships with the aliens we can work with, and take appropriate measures to defend ourselves against the predatory activities of those who have come here to exploit us. Andrews examines the characteristics of the different types of extra-terrestrials and their conflicting motivations and agendas, the significance of the massive epidemic of UFO abductions, ways of distinguishing predator aliens from the benign and the neutral observers, how aliens have manipulated us through our intelligence agencies, who keep the lid on the UFO cover-up, and the political implications of the UFO cover-up.

Drugs and Magic

The Shaman starts at the boundary where the scientist leaves off George C. Andrews

Published by the IllumiNet Press, PO Box 2808, Lilburn, GA 30048, USA, 1997. Purchase book here.

Drugs and Magic is the latest book edited by George C. Andrews. In it, he has compiled an invaluable account the use of drugs in societies the world over - from the ancients to the present day. His research and collection of writings take in everything about the history of magic and drug use, notably in earlier pre-Christian societies. He also has collected writings on ancient India, China, the middle-east, Celtic countries as well as the history of shamanism in Finland and Russia. It also takes in the history of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, and the early LSD research carried out in the USA. This book is an essential addition to the library of any person interested in the history of shamanism the occult and use of drugs. Seán Mac Mathúna

Review from Parascope: From the secret lore of many ages and countries, George Andrews has assembled a brilliant anthology of writings about one of the most controversial areas of the occult. From the mystery of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge to contemporary researches into parapsychology, from the fairies and witches of past centuries to our Order of the Golden Dawn, here is one of the most revolutionary books on magical theory and practice ever published. Originally published in 1975 and then quickly withdrawn by the publisher due to the anti-drug hysteria of the day, this important work is available again with an all-new preface and updated notes.