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A missing time experience part 2
George C. Andrews
A Missing Time Experience Part 1

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The metaphysical content of my regression:

It's as if we each dissolve into a swirl of colors that culminate in musical tones. The swirling multicolored lights become music, and the music goes into the music of all musics. It's like a taste of the music that made the worlds, as if the Big Bang was a burst of music, as if the Big Bang was harmonious and really was musical in nature. This is the music from before the worlds were made, out of which the worlds were made, and into which they will dissolve. By each finding our essence and identifying with it, we make contact with the luminous colors which lead to that original music. The whole point of being alive is to give expression to this music of all musics.  

The mission is to heal the Earth and the forms of life upon it, to restore the balance of nature, to make of the Earth a garden where all things perfect be. It is only the music which can do that, as it is more powerful than any weaponry. Even a few traces of that music can do more to transform the world than all the logical arguments of the politicians and rational expositions of the scientists. some of the scientists do give expression to that music in their formulas, but often they do not know it, or want to admit it even if they do know it. One can give expression to that music through harmoniously creative activities of any kind.  

The purpose of the mission is to heal the Earth. The way to accomplish the mission is to manifest the music from before the worlds were made in this world here and now, in whatever way we can that is appropriate to our circumstances, through actions of any kind that help to transform this planet into what it should be: the garden of the universe, instead of a toxic waste dump.  

The first thing to do is to alert the people to the danger represented by the predatory reptilian ETs, as a preliminary to ridding the planet of them. Most dangerous are the Reptilians in human camouflage concealed within the government. Most of the government has no idea of the extent to which it has been infiltrated. We are here to short-circuit the Reptilian strategy for transforming this planet into a slave colony, where humans would be used like humans have been using cattle. We have only a slim chance of succeeding, but it is bet   ter than no chance at all. We must do what we can while we have any chance at all. Once the State of Emergency is declared, under martial law it would no longer be possible to make the necessary changes. It would be the same horror scene as under the Nazis and the Aztecs, repeated all over again, with the death camps yet again set up to feed the Reptilians.  

The thing to remember is that for the positively-oriented forces from elsewhere in the cosmos to intervene, they must have a platform for manifestation. The main thing that humans of Earth can do is to offer the necessary support, the positively-oriented energy that provides a platform for the manifestation of positively-oriented entities from elsewhere who are spontaneously in resonance with such energy patterns. The positively-oriented forces from elsewhere will not intervene unless a clear majority of us call out to them, unless we as the people of the planet call out to them. They will not come unless we call them down. If evil is dominant in the hearts of men, they can't come through. So that is why the mission has to be. That is why we have to get the message through.

Those who align Themselves with the positive energies bring in the positive forces. Those whose hearts are clouded over, who think only for themselves and are dominated by greed or other base emotions, call in the Reptilians. That is how it works. So long as the majority is of a base nature, the Reptilians will be dominant. We are here to drive out the Reptilians, because they are our enemies also.  

That is why the battle is for people's souls, why we have to reach everyone to get them to understand it is within their power to bring about this change, but they can only do it by aligning themselves with God, no matter how they perceive divinity or what names they use to describe it. No matter what religion they practice, they should sincerely practice it, or else invent their own. The change that needs to be brought about is that they live directly instead of vicariously through a TV screen, and stop thinking there's no more to life than watching tV and being cynical about everything else. If enough people wake up in time to take appropriate action, Earth will not become a slave colony for the Reptilians. The positively-oriented ETs will drive them from the planet, and they will have to go elsewhere in the cosmos for the nourishment they week.  

Even if the new media refuses to touch these topics, there is a telepathic effect that is independent of the news media. There is a psychic osmosis through which ideas whose time has come will spread, even if deliberately ignored by the media. Since it's a holographic universe, one person reaching supreme awareness can spread it from mind to mind telepathically, by-passing the media and the covert censorship it surreptitiously imposed.  

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