Three Key Sound Fact Sheet




The Three Key Sound have a central nucleus of three. However, we have always included other musicians from our neighbourhood in the project. Last year we started working with a singer from Sheffield. If you haven't had the good fortune to catch us live or hear the sounds yet but want some music to move the head as well as the hips, then read on . . . . . .

The song structures are laid out in the studio by programmers John Heathcote and Bob Baines, with occasional rythmn input from percussionist Seán Mac Mathúna. He will then add his overdubs to the original track, along with guitarist Tyrone Thomas

We then take the piece, sequences, samples etc. to a production studio; at first we went to the Punishment Farm in Deptford, where we worked with Bevan Burke.

We currently go to Geezer's studio in New Cross to complete the track. We then add more guitar, samples, maybe a bit of scratch. We'll then work with Tony Hippolyte or Jane Lisewski who write the lyrics which we arrange as a song. We have worked with other singers as well, such as Fil Planet and Ivor Denbigh.

We work as a live unit which varies from DJ'ing our own music and live sequenced beats, to a full band with a head warping light show of primal and futuristic images, by our visual collaborators Fisheye.

We originally released an album of our first set, Over The Horizon (AK47) of which a few are still available; Wierdbeats and far-out fusion. Click here for more information.

We also have some copies of the classic 12' single (AK48) of the same name, featuring Bevan Burke, once described as Britain's funkiest bass player (NME). This Includes the song, the dub, and an epic breakbeat B-side, Lost Horizon. Both records heavyweight vinyl, classic covers.

We soon after released a 12'' single on our own label, Fantom Powa. Love Subversion is still available through our PO box and at selected outlets. Pure deep techno.

We have since finished over 60 tracks - ranging from acid to techno to dub, reggae, head-funk, hip-hop to pure undiluted 3KP fusion. Lists available for Punishment Farm recordings and Geezer Studio.

We recently released our first CD album through; you can hear the range and depth by checking or CD UNLOCKED.

We are currently preparing another CD for of our newest deepest funkiest sounds yet. Previews will be available soon, either as free tracks on , or on our site as MP3's. (If we can get the download facility sorted out with our server a.s.a.p.).

We will also soon be offering three seperate CD compilations.

  • One will be of our acid / techno tracks, which will include the mighty 30-minute track we did for the SCOPIC Dance Company's piece which premiered the New Works festival at The Place, Euston, last year.
  • The second will be a compilation of Electro-Dub and banging dancehall tunes we've done in the last three years, including the legendary Dada Was A Dubhead, and the track Ambush, recorded at Geezer's the Sunday morning that Diana was terminated with extreme prejudice.
  • The third will be a compilation of older tracks, classic triphop in our own stylee, recorded at the Punishment Farm with Bevan Burke , with vocals by Ivor Denbigh, currently of the Parish of Digidub; and Fil Planet, whose sang originally with Festival dance band Back to the Planet, and whose breathy tones will feature, we have heard on the forthcoming Geezer album.
  • We are also trying to compile a CD of the funkiest breakbeat and techno fusion, featuring tracks and mixes from 3KS, Johnny Astro, and Linear Systems (both previously of LA Synthesis), Geezer, and maybe one or two surprise entries. It might come out on, but check this space for further details.